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gel pads

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  1. Ranto7pall

    I have a mustang seat and my wife would like a little more cush on the tush if you know what I mean. Any suggesions on a gel seat or custion that will fit my seat?

  2. chilibebber

    I dont have the web address here with me but you can do a search for gel-tec. I havent used one yet, but I am going to try it.

  3. vgink18054

    just for what it is worth.
    i have the pro pad and am not pleased but i have a but buffer pad with the sheep skin top for my passenger seat and my wife loves it. i personally think that the sheep skin covers help more than the gel pads. with all the talk about seats and covers and gel pads i think i might be better off to modify my stock seat to fit me since no two people are the same and what is compfy for me might not be right for you.

  4. Jonezpoj

    Look at Airhawk also........


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