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Gas overflowing at the pump

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  1. BulletTime80

    Damnit, This has been happening every time I refuel the vstar lately, no matter what gas station I go to. I'm filling my tank, and when it gets full, instead of the nozzle automatically shutting off, it just keeps pumping, and fuel ends up spilling out of my tank. I've been able to prevent major spillage, but the first time this happened I wasn't paying attention, and ended up completely dousing my bike in gasoline. This is my second bike, and this never happened with my previous bike. It drives me insane. Is there a certain trick to refueling these things?

  2. tunc

    cant say there is a trick to filling them
    I never lock the filler on I always watch and stop when its up to the bottom of the neck inside
    so that doesnt happen

    welcome to the forum as well

  3. Silwerato5x5

    What bike was it? On my 1300 I did a mod that allows the tank to be more completely filled, it involves punching a series of holes on the filler tube as high as possible, I think before because of the deep filler tube the fuel rises differently that on a car and some nozzles I suspect don't click off because of that.

    But where I live we use the good old fashion pump nozzle, none of that EPA vapor stuff in Alaska.

    And ditto on doing it by hand, better safe than blazing sorry.

  4. tunc

    his profile says a 650 custom

  5. yhennlj

    For me, sometimes it will shut off, and sometimes it won't. I don't know why. I usually just watch it. When you start to see fuel splashing around in the fill neck, down in the tank, you know you're full.

  6. Croz61

    I've never risked it shutting off automatically, so I'm not sure what might be causing it, but I know the McCuff is supposed to let you do this on any bike, and it's pretty cheap.

  7. CJ3

    By law it's required to shut off. Make sure that the nozzle is in the tank when you fill up instead of just barely in the tank. If it still doesn't shut off then you can contact the weights and measures dept. of your state and report it. Weights and Measures are usually run by the Dept of Ag in each state. The phone # should be on an inspection sticker on the pump. They will ask you which station and which pump #

  8. 4mrAkankmpr

    I had the same problem with my 650. Now that I have a 950T, I haven't experienced that mishap quite as often. Must be a redesign by the factory (although it might be a miracle of the gas stations actually doing something about it)!

  9. obxfshr58

    The 950's (at least mine does) have the holes already in the filler neck guard. I never put the lock on and always keep the nozzle in contact with the rim but above the filler guard (or whatever the silver thing with the holes in the tank is). That way I can watch the level and trickle it in when it gets to the top. Always have a rag handy but have never needed it.

  10. poppj

    I have never filled a motorcycle tank using the automatic shut off... Why take that chance... It only takes a minute to put in 3 or 4 gallons.

  11. Croz61

    I have never filled a motorcycle tank using the automatic...

    That's always been my philosophy too.

  12. mole1

    I have never filled a motorcycle tank using the automatic...


    Also, I don't think it's a nozzle problem or you'd have gas all over the place from previous cars, etc. Yes nozzles go bad and need replacement. But I won't find that out at the expense of my ride.

  13. BulletTime80

    Thanks to everyone for all of the feedback! Yeah, its a 2008 650 Custom, and the gas stations in my area (that I know of) have the nozzles with the rubber guard over them so I cant see inside the tank while I'm filling up. So I pretty much have to rely on the automatic shut off. And yeah, I stuff that thing balls deep into the tank, as far as it will allow. I think I'll try just watching the pump, and when I'm up to about 2.5 gallons I'll start slowly releasing my grip. Maybe that will help

  14. Croz61

    I'm telling you, this is exactly what the McCuff is made for. $20, and you don't have to worry about getting it just right before dousing your bike in gasoline. It does work. My buddy has one.

  15. Cabri103

    Huh? When I put 20 gallons into my truck I use the automatic cutoff. When I put 3-4 gallons in the bike whats the point? it only takes a a couple of minutes at the most and I can control when it stops.

  16. pjdor542

    I never lock the nozzle either. It's not worth the hassle if it doesn't shut off.

  17. demingrick24

    Thanks to everyone for all of the feedback! Yeah, its...

    Have you tried holding the guard back with one hand so you can see the fuel going into the tank? The nozzle doesn't have to be all the way in the tank. Just put the nozzle in to the bottom of the sleeve. Slow the flow when it gets close to the bottom of the sleeve, when it bubbles up into the sleeve you're full.

  18. Driwetapisnezz

    Thanks to everyone for all of the feedback! Yeah, its...

    You gotta pull the rubber boot back and watch the gas going in if you dont want to rely on the auto shut off

    Having never even tried to do that, I was surpised it was an issue.

  19. lem23

    I usually fill it until it shuts off, pull the nozzle out a bit then slowly put a bit more in until the level is near the little holes in the flange. The guards are there for a reason, and if you HAVE to pull it back in order to keep from over filling your vehicle then the gas station needs to get it fixed. just because it works for the car before you does not mean that its up to specs.

    and if it ever did not auto shut off I would sure as hell be looking to the gas station to cover any damages to my bike. There are laws they have to comply with, and having their shit out of specs is against the law.

  20. aogzz

    For me, sometimes it will shut off, and sometimes it...

    I do the same thing, but.....I still over ran it
    Brain Fart


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