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gas milage

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  1. QHztoidall

    46 Average after about 10 tanks. Mostly 70-75 on highway. I've been as low as 39 when I've been getting on it or up in the hills and as high as 55 when lazing it on the back roads.

  2. richarth

    I think my bike gets terrible gas mileage.

    I just got back from a 2500 mile 9 day motorcycle trip and would average about 35mpg most of the time going around 70-75mph. I actually ran out of gas about 10 miles from one town in Montana and luckily a guy stopped in a truck after I was there for about 10 minutes that had some gas to get me to town.

    I was with 4 other people who all had harleys who were getting about 45mpg. They always had more gas in their tanks than me.

    I think I may be running a little to rich because one of my pips has a gold color to it. Need to take it in and check the jetting. The previous owner put on a Cobra Jetting Kit and I am not sure if it is jetted correctly.


  3. quicgmicg

    ...jets are a great place to start. If everything else is working correctly in the ignition side (plugs etc) then I could certainly see a jet issue. Also, windshields can decrease gas mileage, but 35 MPG sounds a little low unless you are riding 2 up and doing a lot of hills.

  4. teldatugman

    Another thing to check is the petro you are using. Alot of states have started mandating 10% +/- ethanol mix in the fuel. Ethanol may be a bit cheaper, but it runs horrible and gets worse gas mileage than regular gas. Here in Mississippi we are starting to integrate a 10% fuel/ethanol mix and we all hate it. Plus it is terrible for boat motors, especially older ones. Several people I have spoken to have noticed this same answer and the "people in the know" say its the ethanol. The pumps here that have this mixture are required to put a sticker on the pump.

  5. rzchafer2

    I seem to get 40 mph no matter what.



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