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  1. 4mrAkankmpr

    My only experience with Yamahas has been my 650 Classic and my present 950T. I have had a problem23 while refuelling of my gas cap and inserted key falling off whereever I placed it on the bike while refuelling. I am always concerned about bending/breaking the key. Some people put the combination on top of the pump, but I've just come up with an easy fix. A lot of us use those caribiners to hook our keys to our belt loops on our pants. My solution is to clip the ring on your ignition key to the caribiner while fuelling and just unhook it when you're finished. It's a no-brainer, but it is so obvious that I felt it worth the while to post. This solution avoids the bother of keeping track of some other type of carrier and, if you don't normally carry your keys on one of these devices, you can always add it to your equipment list- they're inexpensive and you just may find out just how handy they are!

  2. yhoower

    I always lay mine of the backrest support between the seat and the saddle bag. Haven't had a problem23 with it falling off yet.

  3. AiginudNY

    I have Baron DT Risers so I put them on the crown in between. It also makes a nice water bottle holder for long rides


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