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FYI review Hard Krome 3" Res-Tech pipes

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  1. webster98

    ok im not finished with fixing things (my own version of the stock air box mod, AIS removal, carb rejet, new flasher covers and other dress up issues) so i havent run or started the bike yet but this info will help anyone about to get and install these pipes.

    first off they look great and seam to be top quality from start to finish

    small issues i encountered thou are important to be prepaired for.

    front pipe - you need two people to install them for more then just avoiding scratches, they need to be twisted just so to fit and you cant do that while holding the exhaust gaskets in place and start the nuts on the threads. install this pipe onto mounting bracket before installing the bracket to avoid major PITA of finding the nuts to lign up with the bolts which really needed to be at least 1mm longer in order to catch the threads to start properly. (hammer thw washer flat if you need to)

    rear pipes - if your changing the rear head exhaust gasket for the elbow too as you should if doing a proper job then use masking tape just on the outside edge to hold the gasket in place while positioning the elbow to be bolted on. the tape burns off harmlessly and its not on the gasaket surface to interfere with the seal. the stock allen screws used to bolt the rear pipe to the elbow are completely useless and cannot be tightened with any tool in existance today (those angled allen whreches just cant get it tight at that sharp opf an angle) so go buy replacement metric bolts for them with washers and lock washers and you wont have to stop in the middle of the job to run to the hardware store.
    ligning up the nuts for the bolts for the rear pipes is also much easier if someone can look through the wheel and tell you when the nut is lined up with the hole in the bracket.

    again, im not complaining and i'd buy these pipes again tomorrow but i wish i had the info contained in this post to make my job go quicker and easier when doing it.

    and dont forget to locktight EVERYTHING and double check its all tight and also clean and polish your pipes the first 3 or 4 times you get them hot or they WILL stain the chrome, its just how chrome is its not a mnatter of the quality of the pipes or the chrome job.

  2. webster98

    ok pipes are on and the rejetting with #127.5's is complete as well as the new fully gutted airbox intake system mod.

    i havent gone anywhere yet but the pipes are a lot louder at idle then i was expecting but not too loud when easy riding down the street so i'll have to do a proper road test on them as soon as time allows

    UPDATE: well they ARE loud, too damn loud for me

    first thing i did after getting home was make sure they didnt forget to put the baffles in the pipes

    lots of people will love these pipes, they have a great sound to them but the volum, they are loud and will give you a headache on a long ride but for me im going to have to find quieter baffles because im too damn old for all that damn noise

    i just ordered these to make it quieter

    in the interum i bought some good ear plugs

  3. Grifter18

    pics man pics!
    I'd like to see what they look like

  4. retzdaret

    Give them time. You will get used to them quick. When I first put on afterMarget pipes they seemed so loud. Now I think they are too quiet.

  5. BikRet

    Give them time. You will get used to them...

    I thought mine was too loud also, now I want to take the baffles and throw them in the trash. I feel like the verizon guy, Can you hear me now?

  6. girgnt1zbt

    Give them time. You will get used to them...

    I thought my Cruzers were loud at first, I got used to them quick though. Now Im trying to figure out how to make straight pipes louder
    You really do get used to it.

  7. webster98

    pics man pics! I'd like to see what they look...

    yep, i'lll have to get some new pics, especially now that the AIS is gone it looks so much cleaner.

    whoever though polution control belongs on a bike should be put in jail

    as to getting used to them, well the seriously give me a headache to where i cant even ride the bike. my cousin wont ride with me unless i stasy behind him and my friend with V&H harley without baffles says he cant even hear his bike is running next to mine.

    maybe they come without packing or something because they are sold as "quiet" pipes but these things are loud like open headers, i just been busy these days but i have to find time to call hard krome during busness hours and ask them why its so loud, maybe i have the wrong baffles or something.

    anyone who likes loud pipes wil LOVE these things, they will wake up the whole neighborhood and this thing flies now along with my own airbox gut mod so i never even need to use 5th gear unless im going over 70mph, i just upshift to quiet the noise


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