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  1. frok

    For all you women who think we don't care.......

  2. tunc

    your on your own with that one frok

    im not touching it

  3. quicgmicg

    LOL.....right on!

  4. Goadlocger69

    I got your back frok...THATS FUNNY!!!!

  5. pjdor542


  6. Goadlocger69

    Just saw this on another forum and immediately thought of this post.

  7. yhoower

    Funny but I'm not trying it with my wife. I find it way too hard to sleep with one eye open. LOL

  8. g2pirt

    Classic! I'll take it one step further... my wife recently lost 22 pounds (for the second time in a year... yeah she gained it back after the first failed attempt) and bought two different size dresses for my son's grad last weekend. She had intended on sending one back after trying them on at home. After squeezing into the smaller one she asked which one she should send back. My dumb ass response was keep the bigger one, you'll likely gain the weight back again! Still smokin' a turd in hell for that one. Live and learn guys. Live and learn.

  9. BuppaKahuna

    Still smokin' a turd in hell for that one....

    I am SO stealing that line! ROTFLMAO!!!!

  10. yhoower

    I am SO stealing that line! ROTFLMAO!!!! ...

    Yeah that is a good line. I'll have to use it myself.


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