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Full size pic's?

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  1. zhifdhabbj6

    Just thought I would give it a try, been working on full size pics for a while. Hope it's right this time.

  2. zhifdhabbj6

    Yeah..... success at last

  3. SemberFiDavk

    Nice Bike !

  4. zhifdhabbj6

    Thanks, been trying to put it up for a while but was only bright enough to do the thumbnail thing. After reading several post on the matter though it finally sank in.

  5. FedalEcho

    Hey shift, beautiful bike and pic. Those pipes look great. How do they sound? are they loud enough?
    Any video clips of the exhaust sound, now that you mastered posting pictures

  6. zhifdhabbj6

    These are the ones I have. They sound great, mild when cruising but wake the neighbors when you get on it. Also have removable baffles if you want. If you look up Roadburners on youtube you can find sound bites.

    These are the ones I want, if I cant get my true duals built.


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