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full face, 3/4, or half?? what do you use

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  1. canatawzdar

    I usually use just a 1/2 helmet. I decided to dust off my full face and go for a ride, what a difference, no wind noise, no cold face, fo watery eyes. I dont have a windsheild on my bike. What and why do you use the type of helmet you use?? Let me know.

  2. JuzdSdewe

    Momma and I purchased some (think they're called half helmets), last year. WE've worn them twice I think (when it was colder).
    I wish wisconsin had helmet laws, and it was mandatory to wear them. Being as it's not, we don't. Call us stupid, but whatever. So, 99% of the time we go naked head............

  3. djleriuz

    i have one of each, a full face for the bad weather or long distance travel, a half helmet for better weather and a beanie (novelty) for bombin around town and real hot days.

  4. MorkKW

    First, I have the Tourer, which changes things because of the windshield. I really like my Bell Mag 8 open face helmet. Its visor is really great at helping to block out the sunlight, which is found here in the Keys 360 days a year. : ) Its shield folds back inside the visor, great for me since I ride 80% of the time with the shield open, but it also offers an unlimited number of positions from that fully open positoin to all the way down. Riding without a windshield, as with most open face helmets, I found it to be a little noisy, which doesn't become an issue with my bike, but it could be for non-Tourers. But, if I were buying a brand new helmet today, I would "possibly" change and buy the Nolan N42, which is excellent. This is nothing more than just my personal opinion.


  5. biaza

    I use a full face helmet after seeing the diagram in Hough's book proficient motorcycling where the percentages are listed for what part of the helmet takes damage in an accident. I need to buy something for the fog on the shield though. I usually keep it one click up.

  6. drucg38

    since I'm a Dallas Firefighter/former paramedic, I've seen more than most. half and 3/4 helmets look cool, but you have to remember the concrete is the grim reeper, your head is the jewel of the body, protect as much of it as you can. if I'm not wearing a fullface, then i'm not fully protected. JMHO

  7. rocgman

    3/4 here

  8. TribleM

    I have all three..................depends on the weather or the mood.

  9. N2cr7zharg

    Full face....I can say that it kept road rash off my face and prevented a gouge on the back of the head when I laid down my 1100 several weeks ago. Any other helmet type and my face would have had scrapes based on the scratches on the old helmet.

    That and my wife says I look like Mikey from American Choppers when I try on the 1/2 helmets...LOL

  10. BjGrace

    I've got or had them all. Full face is the best hands down for all situations, but here in Alabama in July the heat and humidity make shorty helmets (1/2's) a must have for me. Some buddies and I went a few weeks ago to an airshow about 100 miles away. Huge crowd and I foolishly allowed myself to almost get dehydrated not wanting to stand in a long line for water. As we were leaving I don't think I could have put on a full face helmet and was glad to have my shorty with me.

  11. Bulltok

    Modular front full face here. I like the silver even in very hot sun my head does not overheat.

  12. Renfielt

    What part of your face would you like to grind off in a crash?

    Full face here. Shoei RF1000. South Carolina summers are as hot and humid as they come, but at least I don't sweat a crash.

    And I don't need the state holding a fine to my head forcing my choice. Proving to me that I might have something WORTH protecting between my ears.

  13. zumnckuj

    Currently wearing a Shoei ... full face all the time for me. Tried one of those Harley types .. guess a 1/2 ... felt naked ....

  14. ttt153

    I wear a half (Torc) and a flip up helmet (HJC Symax II) depending on the day or type of ride. If I go on the highway, I like to wear the flip up, for a comfortable ride and when it's cold out. I try to refrain from wearing the half helmet, but some days are just too hot.

    Flip up helmet is a must for me, as I wear glasses.

  15. QHztoidall

    I use a Shoei RF-1000 full face for most of my riding and a HJC 1/2 helmet for a quick trip to get gas, some groceries or practice drills in the local parking lot.

  16. tki

    I use a full face mostly and the HJC has a push button at the bottom and unlatches the face piece and you can raise it up to let air in or leave it locked in place and raise the visor up in increments to let air in. I also have a half helmet which I rarely wear because it really don't get that hot in western Washington. Take a look at Scorpions new helmet and I believe one of the best for the money. It is a full helmet with the outer clear face piece and inside you have a visor that you can pull down like a pair of sunglasses and it has a pump to pump up the chin and cheek padding to give a very snug ans secure fit. I have seen a number of accidents and I have a female friend who went off her bike face first down the road and three years of plastic surgery to repair her nose, chin and teeth.

  17. Requiem499

    I have actually 3 helmets.... 1 is too big for me so considering selling it or see if the wife wants it.... anyways here's the info.

    Half Shell: Great for around town. Have to wear windblocking sunglasses.
    Full Face: Anytime I'm on the freeway
    Full Face Modular: Great helmet as the face lifts up. Nice at stop areas I can lift the face and look around and breathe or just scoot around town with the lid up if I want and drop it down for on the freeway. But alas it's too big for me so I've stopped wearing it because helmet shifting too much on the freeway really sucks!

  18. tendhepiger

    Full face HJC with a black visor for sunny days.The front section flips open from the red button on the chin.I also have a Scorpion with the built in retractable black visor behind the clear shield for cloudy- sunny days and night riding.I get a kick out of the intense look on those riders hanging on like hell going down the highway at 90 kmh with the open face helmets and no windshield.Doesn't look cool to me.Maybe they like to suppliment their diet on insects.

  19. yuanchofer2

    I have 4 helmets. Two 1/2 , one scorpion exo 200 3/4 , Full face nolan x-lite. Weather here is 90 degrees most of the year and thats a big factor. I mostly use the 3/4 for everyday use. For really long trips that I know I will do night riding, I use the full face. Half helmets are for riding to get gas or testing any mods on the bikes around the block.

  20. dpz356T

    My wife and I ride 2-up on my 1300T. We both wear HJC half helmets. Because we live in Colorado and ride year round, both helmets have ear flaps. She has a flip-up face shield, and I have the short tinted visor that comes with the helmet. The tall windshield helps a lot.


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