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Fuel Petcock leaking

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  1. vanguy19

    Fuel still leaks out even set to "OFF"

    hmmm, gunk like dirt in there? There was a possibility that this bike sat for some time with gas in it before I bought it.

    Any ideas how to procede? Is an OEM replacement expensive?

  2. quicgmicg

    I'm not all that familiar with the 650 fuel shut off, but if it is faulty, I'm sure you could find an inexpensive used one if necessary. Try any motorcycle wrecking yard in your area and I'm sure you'd find one.

    I'm sure somebody else will respond shortly if there is a way to fix it.....

  3. vanguy19

    $19.05 OEM from Bike Bandit.

  4. Goadlocger69

    I am assuming the fuel is leaking from the selector valve. There a couple of gaskets and packing also listed on Bike Bandit (items 15 and 18 - $1.39 and $5.99 accordingly). If it's leaking from the top then the gasket item number 17 ($2.90).

    I've never taken one apart but it doesn't appear to be too difficult looking at the picture.

  5. vanguy19

    ya, 14 looks like the whole assy. But, one should get 17 as well.

  6. aamosish385

    I have this problem also. The reason I bring up this old thread is I pulled apart my fuel cock assembly and for starters, my metal O-ring just inside the switch is bent. When you look at those schematics it's the first ring and there's no line pointing to it or number. I also dug at my valve packing a little with a screwdriver thinking it was another gasket and now I have a couple of dents in it where had I left it alone it would be fine. Should I replace both now?

  7. RockRiverPowerSports88

    If you scratch, bend, dent or otherwise damage any part of a valve assembly you really should replace it. The parts are cheap enough that doing the job the second time isn't worth it compared to the hassle of doing it twice.

    You might want to check your carbs for a sticking float. I can't tell you how many people come into the store buying petcock parts to fix a fuel leak only to return a couple days later for carb cleaner and Seafoam. I've done it myself, I've been fooled by that one before. I swore the fuel was coming from the petcock, but the carb float was backing up fuel until it flooded the fuel line and dripped from the petcock when there was actually nothing wrong with the petcock. Rebuilt the valve, no improvement. Cleaned the carbs, fixed it.

    Worth looking at!

    Good luck,
    - Jeff

  8. vanguy19

    I replaced my whole petcock assembly as it was leaking. No leaks now! yaaay i don't have to drain the tank to remove!!

  9. yajare

  10. aamosish385

    Any suggestions on removing the old valve packing? I didn't want to keep digging at it if that wasn't the proper way to replace it. I don't mind paying the 4-5 dollars for a new one before I put this thing back together.

  11. webster98

    ya, 14 looks like the whole assy. But, one should...

    all you need is the #18 the packing its a flat rubber disk with 2 holes in it that line up with a slot in the lever knob, it workls just like a water hose gasket

    it cost like $5 at any of the online stores

    yours probably split or is torn and you likely had no way to turn off the reserve tank fo a while and never knew it.

  12. webster98

    I have this problem also. The reason I bring up...

    that metal ring is supposed to be bent, its spring loaded to put pressure on the o-ring seals

  13. webster98

    Any suggestions on removing the old valve packing? I didn't...

    its just stuck from being there a while but try not to scratch the surface behind it if you can


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