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fuel management that uses factory O2 sensor.

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  1. yohnnjdherocg

    anyone ever use one of these?

    ridewell. yohnnjdherocg

  2. chitter4

    My dealer quoted me $380 for that one. I am seriously considering it. I have about 3 months before i will need it so no big hurry.

  3. yohnnjdherocg

    hey chidder, what dealer would that be? thats 100 bucks below suggested.. john

  4. cawell

    Just a few days ago: Rust

    Think you're better off going with a known fuel processing system. Cheaper too. Unless you're in a county that requires emissions testing on bikes, why would you want to keep your O2 sensor?

  5. chitter4

    DakotaOutdoors in Watertown SD.

  6. yohnnjdherocg

    thanks chitter4, will check it out. gotta love this site. yohnnjdherocg


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