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  1. Tembezdorm


    I just bought a V Star 1300 the other day and have been riding it a bit. I recently burned through my first tank of gas (the idiot light came on) and when I stopped to fill up I was only able to put 3 gal in it. Now everything I have seen on the specs and in the manual stats that it should have about a 4.9 gal capacity with the light coming on at .9 gal remaining.

    I've been looking on line and have seen some conflicting information regarding the tank size on this bike. Can anyone here shed some light on the subject?

  2. baulie82

    I havent any problem with this the light comes on when it gets low so far i have got up to 33 (klms) on the light ,i am getting around 310 kms to a tank full

  3. Peapotj

    I've had the same problem. the light comes on right at 3 gallons. I live in an urban area so a few months after I got the bike I ran the reserve until it started to sputter. Luckily I was right at a gas station and coasted her in before letting the fuel infection system screw everything up. The tank took exactly 3.7 gallons. So much for a 4.89 gallon tank. The only response I was able to get from the factory reps (one of the few reasons for going to bikeweek) was what I expected. The countersunk fuel cap creates a void in the upper part of the tank. You can't fill the tank up to the 4.9 gallon mark unless you change the filler cap to a traditional top-mounted system.

  4. JuzdSdewe

    Ask Morgster about 'his' mod for getting more fuel into the bike.
    Seriously. I'd go into detail, but HE's da man.......

  5. Tembezdorm

    Thanks for the response,

    So far this has been my only real complaint about the bike. It runs great, handles well, and has been a lot of fun to ride. The misleading stats on the tank size is rather annoying. It rather signifigantly cuts into the amount of miles between fill ups.

    For those of you that have had a 1300 for a while, roughly what average gas mileage have you been getting?

  6. Peapotj

    it's been strangely inconsistent. In town I get around 30-40 mpg. On the concrete slab I ran nearly 185 miles before the idiot light came on. I was riding with 11 other riders, so there was most likely a drafting effect. The rest of the time I was getting about 140-150 miles. It would be nice to see what happens with a different filler cap. I've put on over 20,000 miles, so it's a comprehensive average.

  7. MorkKW

    Hey, Mr. Stangman! I do all of these cool little mods only because, if and when I ever do grow up, I wanna be like you. Although, you've got way more cool shiny stuff on your bike than mine, and most others on the planet. : )

    Re our gas tank, while it's listed at almost 4.9 gal, it's true "useable" capacity is probably closer to 4.5 due to the filler neck, along with it being next to impossible to fill it to the actual top of the tank. I've added as much as 4.2 gal, believing I may have had had another 15 miles to go before I would have been sitting and admiring my bike on the side of the road... out of gas. The miles traveled wasn't the issue, but the amount of gas added to the tank was. There was gas still remaining....could hear it slosh around when I shook the bike. How much? I'm not certain. I do know that, with the mod done to the gas tank's filler neck, it's easier and quicker now to fill up with an extra 1/2 gal in the tank than before the mod. By the way, this isn't MY mod, but someone else's from another forum that many of us have now easily and successfully done. Anyone wanting the simple instructions, along with a picture, send me a private email along with your email address and I'll gladly forward it to you.



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