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FS Ultimate Seat/'06 1100 Classic

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  1. ntmom

    I am selling a driver Ultimate Seat with backrest. It is from an '06 VStar 1100 Classic and has studs and the pouch on the back of the backrest. It also comes with the rain covers. I love this seat!! I have orderd another one for my new Stratoliner. I sold my VStar with the stock seat. The Ultimate has the Star logo on the seat in silver/black. $375 shipped in lower 48. In new condition. Thanks for considering.

  2. CruizerBruizer

    Congrats on the Strat...whatzit look like?

  3. ntmom

    Thanks on the congrats. She is an '06 with 2,200 miles, looks brand new. She is fully stock and I'm working on making her mine. I am not sure what the color is called for that year, it's kind of a rootbear brown with gold stripping. And she drives like a dream! Thanks again.

  4. millercreeg

    You lucky dog. I would love to have a Roadie or a Strat.


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