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Front Wheel Swap

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  1. SlovBoj

    If I were to swap the front wheel from a classic to a custom... are the axles the same and other than the fender not matching, is there any other reason I'd need the entire front end?

  2. retzdaret

    No, they will not work. You will need to change the forks and fender as well.

  3. SlovBoj

    I'm not planning on running a front fender... so that doesn't bother me, but what you're saying is that the hub/axle and the whole thing is different, not just the rim size/fender mounting holes.

  4. michwzdar

    thats correct SlovBoj. I was planning the same thing for mine before i bobbed my fender, and then i found out it would require pretty much an entire front end swap, which I wasnt interested in.

  5. SlovBoj

    well that sucks... I may be looking for a new front fender or bob the one I've got. Anyone know of a rim that I can lace up to my stock hub?

  6. tillikaff

    I am going to differ with the rest of the crowd.
    I don't see any reason you can't put a custom wheel on a classic.
    I did some comparison on parts numbers. Both bikes use the same axle & hub. If the hub is the same, your brakes should hook up fine.
    If the axle is the same your forks should be the same center to center.
    But to do it you will not be able to use either fender. But you may be able to fabricate your own, if you want a fender.
    I can't guarantee that it will work. The subject needs a little more research.
    But doing a quick look I don't see why it won't work.

    Good Luck & Good Riding

  7. michwzdar

    as far as finding a rim to lace up, I was doing some research for the same thing, and only could find rims 500+ (i was looking for a 21 inch rim) and then the price to have it spoked. I decided id rather put the money somewhere else...

    as for the front ends, I have always been told it wouldnt work, so never did the search myself.. maybe your onto something

  8. retzdaret

    tillikaff might have a point. The wheel is bigger and narrower on the customer, but it is possible the hub is the same. If you are going fender free as stated above, you may be able to do it.

  9. pmv4ret

    I wanted to do the same thing on my classic but it was too much money for the rims and just pain in the ass so I ended up powdercoating my rims and rotors in black. It come out awesome. Not what I expected. I'm very happy with what I did

  10. SlovBoj

    I don't plan on using a fender... I plan on raking it out during the winter and would like to have a taller rim/tire to make it look a little better than a 16" rim on a +6* raked bike. If I do change my mind and want to put a fender on, I've got all the machinery in my garage(or will have soon) to make brackets to make a custom fender fit.

    After looking at the parts catolog on yamahas web site, the hub, oil seals, bearings, collars, meter clutch, retainer and axle are all the same. The only thing that differs are the wheel balancers, speedo drive assy and item 15(another collar)... I don't imagine that those three parts would run me too bad. Especially if I can pic up a front rim cheap enough.

  11. retzdaret

    If you can pick one up cheep on E-bay or something. It would be cool to see how it comes out. Keep us in the loop.

  12. SlovBoj

    Wheel weights I'm not worried about. That one collar is all that I'm not sure of and I'm guessing that the only difference between the two speedo gears is the ratio since the tire is a different height(since everything between them and the hub is exactly the same PN. I'd bet that mine would work it's just read wrong.... and there are only two on EBAY right now, so I'll be keeping my eyes open and keep everyone informed.

  13. retzdaret

    I'm sure your correct. The spedo is diff because the wheel size is diff.

  14. fnyeeb19

    I want to revive this thread because I am interested in doing the same thing as SlovBoj by running fenderless in the front, but with a classic wheel. So has there been any updates on this SlovBoj?


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