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Front pulley noise??

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  1. tocgrocger

    hello to all, new to this forum,sorta!!

    I've heard of others having loose pulleys and such. My problem is a noise down on the left side down low (front pulley area) that only happens under load. Sounds a little like a pencil rattling around in a jar,again, only while pulling.
    It is difficult to isolate while riding. I've pulled the cover off and nothing about the pulley seems amiss.

    Do any of you good folk have any ideas? do I need to remove the belt to truly check the pulley? thank you in advance dock

  2. JuzdSdewe

    I've heard of quite a few (well, enough worth remembering anyway), of people with 1300s having loose front pulleys, and the odd noises/things that were going on when they were loose.
    For sure it's not clutch noise? (although THAT noise goes away when you pull in the clutch).

    I would think (but don't quote me here), that if you pulled the cover off (over the front pulley, which you said you did), that you could possibly feel (maybe NOT when the belt is tight tho...........that's my thought), feel looseness in it.

    If nothing else, try loosening the drive belt, THEN see if the front pulley wobbles on the shaft.

    My thoughts anyway.

  3. tocgrocger

    hey steve thanks for your response. yes it looks like I'm gonna have to get into it to eliminate it. there was a clutch fix I already had for the famous clutch rattle. The big nut on the shaft is crimped from the factory and it looks like that has not moved. thanks again!

  4. zumnckuj

    Yep I got it.
    Kind of a squeaking.

    Siggghhhhh currently fighting with the dealer.

  5. zumnckuj

    Hey Docker ... I just had a thought ...

    If you put the bike in neutral and then push it along .. lets say your driveway do you hear any strange noises ?

    I was cleaning my bike the other day .. its started to rain unexpectedly. I pushed the bike into its house in the manner described above and heard, sorry, a strange noise. Surely the belt isnt going to slip over the sprockets at a walking speed ... right ? Please ... anyone correct me if Im mistaken. The squeal is getting worse ..not to mention the fact that its driving me freekin nuts !!!

  6. cfinn1187

    I have found two things to cause belt noise, dirt on the belt and belt tension.

    Take a water hose and spray the belt down. I did this with the bike on a jack with the bike running and in gear. Spray the belt down with water and the noise immediately went away. Just don't use belt dressing or anything besides water (at least that's what I was told).
    I also experienced belt noise when the belt was too loose.

  7. pikmige

    sorry to be off subject but do you got any better pics your ride looks sweet wouldnt mind seeing some more of it


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