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Front Pipe Mounting Screws

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  1. pero455

    Hi All After Thanks Giving!
    First Time I Tried And Failed To Change My Oil Filter.
    Step One; Drained Out The Oil. Ok.
    Step Two: Take Out The Front Pipe With Out Any Damage On It.
    I Couldn't Identify The Mounting Screws And The Order To Take Them Out Safely.
    I'm Sure It Sounds Very Primitive To Most Of You.
    This Is My First New Bike And I Don't Want To Make Any Stupid Mistakes. I Already Have A Front Fender Dent Do To A Soccer Mom In An Suv.
    Can Someone Help Me Out With Instruction And Maybe A Sketch?
    07 1100 Silverado

  2. Ravhite

    Tools needed:
    6, 8 and 10mm Allen (hex) key 3/8" sockets or “T” wrenches
    Socket wrench (3/8") and a 2” & 10” extension
    12, 14 & 17mm. sockets
    8 and 17mm short box wrenches
    Shallow oil drain pan.
    Short section of a 2”x4” piece of wood. About 4” long will do.
    Supplies needed:
    Oil – 4 Quarts of MC specific oil (your choice)
    Oil filter – Yamaha 4X7-13440-90
    Wipe rags & Paper towels
    A 10” square of aluminum foil paper towels

    1. ) With your bike in gear, place the short piece of 2”x4” under your side stand. The small block of wood positions the bike in more of an upright attitude. This will give you a bit of working room under the bike, but it will not raise it to the point of going over in the other direction.

    2. ) Locate and lightly loosen the following bolts and nuts:
    The oil drain plug - With the 17mm. socket wrench, Break loose the oil drain plug, but do not unscrew it (make sure that you have not loosened it to the point where the oil starts to seep out. (The silver colored bolt on the underside of the case, on the left side of the bike under the shifter)
    The two nuts holding the forward exhaust pipe to the exhaust manifold with a 12mm socket wrench (Just break them free, do not remove them)

    3. ) Take the bike out of gear. Remove the block of wood from under the side stand and warm the engine up by starting it and letting it idle for a few minutes. Then shut it down.

    4. ) Put the bike back in gear and place the wood block back under the side stand. Slide the shallow oil drain pan under the engine and back out the oil drain bolt using either the 17mm short box wrench or the 17mm. socket wrench, so that you can unscrew it the rest of the way and remove it with your fingers. Clean the drain bolt with a rag and put it aside.

    5. ) Using the 10mm hex socket, remove the two bolt holding the mufflers to the frame. Next, loosen the clamps holding the front pipes to the mufflers using the 6mm hex socket. Using the wipe rags (HOT!), pull the mufflers toward the back of the bike. They should slide right out.

    6. ) (This step is only required if you have an 1100 Classic with floorboards) Using the 14mm socket and wrench, loosen the two bolts holding the right floorboard until they are almost completely out, and the floorboard will hang down slightly.

    7. ) Next, using the 8 mm wrench, remove the bolt holding the rear brake reservoir. Let the unit hang loose.

    8. ) Using the 12mm socket, remove the two nuts on the forward exhaust pipe flange. Grabbing the front of the pipe with wipe rags, gently remove the front exhaust pipe. Take extreme care in removing the pipe as you will scratch it (like the dealer’s shop always does) if you are not careful. If the copper gasket falls off the engine, just let it go. I promise you that it will be very, very HOT! Just make sure that it goes back on when you re-assemble the pipes.

    9. ) Using the 8mm hex socket with the 10 in. extension (or an 8mm. “T” wrench) loosen the five case screws holding the filter cover. There are 3 different lengths of screws, so leave them in the cover. You don't need to remove the 3 screws holding the round “Yamaha beauty” cover. There is nothing behind this. Remove the filter cover. If you wrap a small square of aluminum foil over the section of frame and wiring just below the filter cover, you will avoid slopping oil over the frame of your bike.

    10. ) You will find an unpolished filter hatch plug underneath which you will need to wiggle back and forth as you pull straight out to remove it. Be careful not to damage the O-rings on the cover. Wipe any grit or dirt away with a clean paper towel.

    11. ) Remove the filter (pay attention to the orientation of the filter when you remove it). Wipe any sediment from the filter chamber with a clean paper towel and insert the new filter.

    12. ) Reinstall all parts in the reverse order of disassembly

    13. ) Unscrew the black plastic oil filler cap and insert the funnel into the filler hole. Engine Oil with oil filter replacement (3.28 US qt) ( 0.28 quart = 8.96 oz ) Engine Oil- Without oil filter replacement
    (3.17 US qt) ( 0.17quart = 5.44oz )
    Start the bike and bring it up to full operating temperature. Check for any signs of leaking oil from the filter hatch and the drain plug.
    When you shut the engine down, check your oil level in the sight glass on the left side lower engine case. The bike must be held level front to back and side to side. I use a mirror to check the oil while sitting on the bike.

  3. pero455

    Thanks For The Complete Answer.
    My To Questions Are To Locate Those Two Bolts And Nuts.

  4. quiedkuj

    Amazing how much 'disassembly' is required to do a simple oil change..

    Thing I really liked about my FJR.. loosen and remove drain plug, drain oil, remove oil filter (right out in the open, easy access). New filter, replace plug, pour oil and done.

    I sure hope my Raider doesn't require all that un-doing..

  5. wzdar6

    after you remove the drain plug if you remove the oil fill plug it will drain quicker!! i know this because i forgot to remove the last oil change. when starting to refill i discovered it was still in place. explained why it took so long for it to quit draining. first oil change is a great time to install an O.R.K. glad i did!!

  6. quiedkuj

    great time to install an O.R.K. glad i did!!
    Ork... isn't that where Mork came from (Mork & Mindy)?


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