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Front Orange Reflectors on the Roadliner

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  1. FedalEcho

    Are those rectangular orange reflectors on the fork of the Roadliner important for safety. I just removed mine because I thought it looks better without, (and so did my 6 year old ). She said: I don't like those, it looks nicer without them (I had removed them to try without, and was re-installing them). I asked her why is it nicer without? She said: because it's all nice and black, and this is bright and orange and doesn't look nice) which was exactly my thought, so I went ahead and removed them.

    Has anybody else removed them? Are they that important for safety that I should re-install?


  2. kamezbanger

    You are probably safer with something reflective out there....but if you were crazy obsessive about would not ride a motorcycle.

    Check this link out about black reflective tape. I have been meaning to get some of this stuff.

    85 and riding strong

  3. FedalEcho

    Thanks GS, that's a great idea. I'll look for that stuff and try it.

  4. zdradoman

    Mine were gone the day I brought it home. I think my nice shiney chrome forks are pretty reflective, I know for a fact sometimes I am blinded by the sun off the chrome of the top of the forks and instrument panel while I am riding.

  5. FedalEcho

    The forks on mine are black. I think I might just put em back. I asked my wife if she sees a difference with or without: her answer was that I was crazy. I guess many of the trivial details and changes on one's bike are only seen by the motorcycle owner and maybe his or her fellow bikers.
    Ride safe y'all

  6. Jonezpoj

    Took mine off my Road Star, as from the side you can see the run/turn signals very well.

  7. rltovnz1

    Probably by the time any cager saw the reflector on the sides of the forks it would only be because they spotted them as debris flying off the bike after they plowed you over.

  8. mazgetman21

    f*&k reflectors.

  9. JBLee327

    f*&k reflectors....

    You say that now....but when they come back in style....then what?

  10. demingrick24

    Mine were gone the day I brought it home. I...


  11. pirtfour

    Hahahahahahah................kind of like pf flyers

  12. zhifdhabbj6

    Your showing your age! Not many people know that PF Flyers make you run faster and jump higher.

  13. pirtfour

    There an all around sneaker, I hear they will make me smarter....................guess I'd better look into that lol.


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