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Front Fender or no Front Fender

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  1. ygink544

    I see a few bikes without front fenders. I am torn between the looks. My front fender has some significant dents and scratches from the previous owner. I plan to purchase a clean fender and have my buddy powder coat it.


    1. Is there any major issues with not running a front fender for a few weeks maybe two months?

    2. Have any of you removed your front fender permanently?


  2. yhennlj

    I am currently running without a front fender, and have been for about 6 months. The only problem23 I have is getting a face full of whatever I run through. Rain...well we won't talk about that Otherwise, I like the looks.

  3. quicgmicg

    I see a few bikes without front fenders. I am...

    No issue other than what was said'll not enjoy riding in the rain. Wanna sell your dented fender?

  4. ygink544

    pm me Mick, we maybe able to make a deal. I will take some pics of the dents and scratches and email them to you.

  5. ygink544

    Also, Mick, where did you get the front fender for your bike? I like the short style you have.

  6. KenT

    My 1100 Custom didn't have a front fender when I bought it, previous owner was going for the bobber look. I liked the way it looked but the first time I rode through some standing water got a spray up my leg, onto my chest and up the face shield. Ordered a fender for it that afternoon.


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