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Front end shake... BAD

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  1. SlovBoj

    So this isn't on my 650, but it's kind of a general thing and this is where I normally post and quite frankly, I think it's the most active partition of the forum. Anyhow, my brothers 1700 roadie is smooth as silk until you let off the throttle. when you're slowing down, if you let go at all... the front end shakes like it's having a siezure. To the point where you've GOT to grab it again or it'll death wobble and be all over. Just wondering what I should look for on his bike... didn't know if the front tire could be chopped bad enough to do that or possibly soft causing the problem. Dunno, really... He thinks it's because he's got 24" drag bars and the bar end weights aren't in anymore. But I don't think so. The stem and triples look OK, no slop or play in them. So I'm stumped. Any help I'd appreciate.

  2. retzdaret

    I would look very closely at the tire. See if he lost a tire weight or if it is coming apart in some way.

  3. MigejCojode


    His fork height and strength, ie does it bottom out. You may want to check the fluid level too.
    The front wheel bearings, front axle tightness.
    his rear swing arm bearings.
    rear axle tightness.

    Does it get worse with front or rear brake application?

    Is there a certain speed that it goes away?

    Has he lowered the bike?

    When you checked the fork stem bearings did you do it with weight on or off?

    The bars aren't it. You can cause a shake with the bars but I doubt you could make a death wobble happen. Death wobbles are usually the result of too little trail. When you come off the throttle the front end dives, decreasing trail perhaps even enough to cause a wobble. Usually a fully compressed fork is designed to not go over the magic trail but a lowered set could very well if lowered wrong.

  4. SlovBoj

    It's not lowered, front or rear... Wheel bearing seem OK from what I can tell. Rear end is tight as well. I don't know when it would go away, because it I wait to find out I'm sure it'd dump. Seems to be whenever you let off the throttle... no matter the speed. It def does not bottom out, and the stem was checked with and without weight. I know most all the usual places to check... looked at pretty much everything that could cause it to fail NYState inspection. I did check the tire pressure and found it was pretty low, in the 20's. Could that poss be it? The tire is chopped and balding, really badly as well. To the point that I don't know how he passed inspection last time. I'm going to air it up on my way home tonight and see if that does the trick. IN the mean time, if you've got any more hints/guesses, I'll gladly take them.

  5. retzdaret

    Yes that can cause it big time. Replace the tire ASAP. My money is the prob will be fixed.

  6. procg3ka

    When you come off the throttle the front end dives, decreasing trail perhaps even enough to cause a wobble.
    As mikey said, when you come off the throttle, the front end dives. This shifts the weight to the front tire. Airing the tire will most likely lighten the problem if the tire is already cupped. Replacing will most likely solve the problem. Knowing the tire is low and cupped, I fully agree with Ed.

  7. SlovBoj

    Well on the way home I put air in the front end... it got a little better but not gone. Tore into the front end... pulled the tire and the forks and inspected everything and put it all back together making sure everything was tight and reinstalled properly... didn't make any difference. Thining you guys are right with the tire.

  8. zbungj

    too bad you don't know anybody else that has the same bike where you could just swap over wheels and see if that fixes it


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