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Front end overhaul/whacha think?

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  1. tocgrocger

    Hello all,
    A few weeks ago I completed a top to bottom overhaul of the front end of my 07. I replaced the fork springs with progressive springs and changed the oil in the forks to a heavier 20w oil. While at it,I took the fork tins to a polisher and the fork lowers and brake hardware to my friendly paint shop, took my time and prepped the lowers and hardware for painting with the oem matte black you see on the frame and elsewhere on the bike.
    I never liked the way the forks did'nt match anything and they seemed to stick out in any picture I took.
    I re-assembled it all (including the now infamous steering nut) which I found was not cross-threaded but loose as hell! Being careful not to scratch my fresh paint,I also added a set of barons chrome bullet axle covers to hide the ugly ass front axle bolt! I really like my results and I'll post a pic here for your perousel! Been a few weeks now and the paint seems to be holding up pretty well!! edited to add:also a new metzeler rear tire mounted on front with reversed tread. dock

  2. retzdaret

    The bike and front end looks awesome. Would it be possible to post a bigger picture so we can see it a little better? Hard to make out the fine details.

  3. tocgrocger

    OK, I added a bigger picture, I think!

  4. SdicgindheMut

    Very nice looking bike!!!!

  5. MorkKW

    SWEEEEEET!!! Nice job, DR ! ! ! ! !

  6. peertuge

    Very nice job!

  7. JuzdSdewe

    Sharp azz bike man!
    Forgive me if I missed it, but did you HAVE the headlite bucket chromed/polished, or did you find the 2010 version of same?
    (either way, it looks GREAT!)

  8. tocgrocger

    Hey steve, thanks
    Paid too much and had my old bucket "spray chromed". this was before Yammi caught on to my idea! Anybody know what the chromie buckets are going for? dock

  9. JuzdSdewe

    Apparently it's TOO early to get prices on the 2010 buckets yet. have to wait a while. (I'm kinda anxious to know myself).

  10. clgantymgnovldon

    What size front tire are you running and what do you mean by reversed?

  11. tocgrocger

    hey knowlton,
    the tire is the exact same size as the stock tire,it is however, intended to be a rear tire,but can be ran as a front tire and has been reversed directionally per manufacturers reccommendations. (front tire treads and rear tire treads disperse water differently) dock

  12. runnnnnink

    Nice NY Giant Blue, where did u get the solo seat and what pipes do u have.

  13. tocgrocger

    I wondered if anybody noticed the seat. It is a stocker I bought off ebay and I trimmed her right down and bolted a couple of springs to her just cause I like springer seats, I know it's not quite right, ) but I like it.


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