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Front Brake Pad Rattle

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  1. FadMan

    Anyboby know how to stop the front brake pads from rattling when you hit a bump? The bike is a new ('08 leftover) that I purchased in Nov. 2010 and the Yaamaha wrenchbender says it's normal. None of my previous Yamahas or even my Harleys rattled like these do. Any ideas/suggestions?

  2. RockRiverPowerSports88

    I would have a different wrenchbender have a look at your brakes. My Roadstar doesn't rattle and none of the other Roadstar riders working here have rattling brake pads either.

  3. chilibebber

    The first thing that I would do is pull the rotors off and check the pads to make sure that they are not cracked. While you have them off, make sure the metal pad plates are on them too. They will rattle if those are not on there. Then make sure the caliper pistons are working. if they suck back in too far it will make them rattle.
    other than that, it may just be the pads, change them too

  4. Jonezpoj

    You never know, it may be the infamous headlight bucket rattle. You can go to they have a lot of stuff on wrenching in the tech section.

  5. imbordcidj

    I put new pads on my roadstar and after a couple of weeks they started rattleing, so i took them off and put disc brake quiet on the back of the pads and they are fine now. You can buy (disc brake quiet) at all automotive parts stores. Hint-after u spray it on the back of the pads, let it sit overnite to dry, it will still be sticky, but will fix the problem.

  6. FadMan

    Roger that imbordcidj, I elimiNaded most of the rattle by bleeding the brakes which they shouldn't have needed and your suggestion should do the rest of it. Thanks much!

  7. zbidfire24yf

    As imbordcidj said, pull the pads, it takes seconds, spray some anti rattle on it, give it some time to "cure" put pads back in and rattel gone.

    To someone who said no rattles you are lucky because they rattle like hell and its annoying.

  8. FadMan

    Thanks imbordcidj and zbidfire24yf - pulled pads, sprayed with Disk Brake Quite and no more rattle.

  9. dheclargz1

    mine dont rattle but they do squeak when I stop, I dont see any metal to metal and they are in good standing from what I can tell. Anyone know if disk brake quiet would fix that as well?

  10. FadMan

    It might help. Disk Brake Quite works by keeping the pads from moving around. The squeaking you're having may be caused by your pads not being slid in the calipers and moving slightly. Don't know for sure but it can't hirt to try.


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