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forward controls and crash bars

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  1. tawetean842

    Does anyone know if there is a forward control for a 2002 VStar 1100 Custom that can be used with crash bars? A 3" extension is a little too much. Either one that is adjustable or is less than 3". All I've been able to find is 3" or more. Thanks for you imput,, Dave

  2. TheBear

    I have never seen anything less then 3" either I bought a 4" extension for my classic. I also found a mod on the net that shows how to re-install the small Yamaha engine guards, I just haven't got around to doing it yet.

    Some of the guys on here have made their own extensions and worked around the highway bar.

  3. hengemm

    i have seen 2" extensions on the J&P Cycles site.

  4. tawetean842

    Do you know where that link on the net is? If so, please let me know, Thanks, dave

  5. hengemm
    # is what i go to. it's actually pretty good company for as big as it is.


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