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  1. yajgetat

    Hey wuts i just popped my forum cherry!! yay!! anywho just wanted to say hello to all from cali. I just started riding jan 1st '09 and i love it!!! I picked up a '90 yamaha fzr and i just looked really closely at the forum banner and saw that this is a cruizer

  2. retzdaret

    Welcome to the Forum from Georgia. Ride safe!

  3. ritinktouple

    welcome,,this is a great forum,,alot of info,,

  4. khretzginz

    Welcome from North Carolina.

  5. tillikaff

    Welcome to the forum.
    Good Luck & Good Riding

  6. retzdarraiter

    welcome! please post often

  7. viltirizhman

    Welcome from KY. Post some pic from Cali, I miss a good friend out there, she's at USC, hope to see her again someday!

  8. Jonezpoj

    SUP FOO, hey your in the wind my man, welcome and ride safe.......

  9. Goadlocger69

    Welcome from Maryland

  10. kzdar37

    Welcome from the other coast. Enjoy the ride!!

  11. TRiter

    Welcome to the forum....This is a great place.
    Post often and enjoy

  12. Rocgj1

    Welcome from Oklahoma!

  13. Gman16827

    Welcome to the YMF from Maryland aka Absurdistan...Enjoy!


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