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Fork nut help

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  1. Pabbj

    I remember a while back when people were having noises in their front ends and some were saying that a nut was cross threaded. Was that the castellated nuts or the crown nut? I noticed when I had my bike up on my jack that my front end was a lil loose so this week I am going to pull it apart and tighten the castellated nuts and was wondering if maybe I should take it to the dealer in case they are the ones that are stripped before getting into it myself??

  2. Lrtoflamancha

    This is a maintenance issue. They call for tightening the castle nut every 4K miles. I watched them do it and even though it is time consuming at $130. per 4K miles. I have more time than money. From now on I will do it myself.

  3. Lrtoflamancha

    Here is a photo of the nut you will need to tighten..... I hope this works.

  4. zumnckuj

    I found that description on another board and talked with a friend that had his entire front end replaced.

    It was the crown nut.


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