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For Those With Any Doughts About the Ablity Of The 650

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  1. virefaceone

    I have been impressed with my 650 since day one, recently my wife has liked getting on the back more and more. This past weekend we went over the hill to Chattanooga,all 4 lane and interstate running 60-70mph. We had to go up one side and down the other both ways over Monteagle Mtn. It's a far cry from the rockies and smokies but is notorious to truckers for the big up and down grade on both sides. We went 2up on both sides at 65mph without ever having to even downshift to 4th gear. Pulled all the way up onboth ends in 5th gear and never really even twisted the throttle hard. These bikes will do what you want them to do. I am considering an upgrade in the next year or so but mostly for comfort and capcity reasons. Having the 1900 cc kick of the Raider or Stratoliner is going to be fun no doubt but this 650 is the real deal for the right price I am just looking to get something a little more roomy and comfy for 2 up for longer trips since my wife is starting to get the bug for riding. But i do stress that the 650 is a very very capable bike right out of the showroom and if you spend the relative small money for the GAK and some pipes it is one of the best bargains of a bike you will find anywhere. Get one and park it next to any stubby little 883 sportser and you will see whats up with the looks as well. GREAT all around bike performance and looks wise.

  2. 4SilwerXVS267A

    Im with you brother's and sisters if your out there :-)

    Today I just did a round trip 400klm's (250miles) highway and twisties ride and it I was keeping up with 1100,1300 cruisers and even the 1000 sports around the twisties.

    There were a few of the 1100 and 1300 cruisers fighting with their bike around the tight twisties where as my 650 is so nimble and light :-)

    On the freeway yes the motor is a bit noisy at 110kph (70mph) but very comfy with no vibration's.

    I even broke the law and went 160kph (100mph) AND STILL HAD MORE THAN 1/4 THROTTLE LEFT for a distance of 1klm just to see how it would handle and I have come to the conclusion that I will be riding my 650 for many years to come.

    And to get 300klm's (190miles) to a tank that costs me $15.00 I say thank you very much :-)

    LONG LIVE THE YAMMIE 650'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. merlinof2506

    We love our 07 650 Silverado. There have been zero issues with it concerning maintenance or "power" riding one or two up.
    However, I would point out "virefaceone's" comment about going up the mountain in 5th gear as a clear sign to Yamaha the bike should have a 6th gear... Even with riding two up, 5th gear has WAY too much pull for a "cruising" gear...

    my two cents



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