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For those of you afraid to adjust your rear spring.

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  1. JuzdSdewe

    I have been cleaning this afternoon on the 1300, and started REALLY taking it all apart to get into the cracks/crevises, etc, etc.
    I decided to take the saddle bag mounts off, and the belt guard (upper).
    While cleaning/polishing stuff I meandered under the bike and noticed, with the belt guard off you can REALLY see the slots/adjustment spots on the rear shock. I said WTF, I'll give it another 'tweak'. I had it on 5 last year, but being as I just got the even LOWER mounting deal from Shane, I figured I"d be safe and put it on 6.
    Anyway, for those of you afraid/a bit paranoid about 'adjusting' the spring. Just remove the upper belt guard completely. Takes all of 2 minutes to remove the 3 (actually 2), metric allen head bolts, slip it out of place, and you've got MORE room to work AND see then you can believe.
    PLUS you don't have to be so paranoid about scratching anything WHILE you're adjusting the shock setting.

    Just thought I'd put my two bits in about this.

  2. SdeweinFL

    Another EXCELLENT post from our resident Master Mechanic - Thanks, Steve!

    I believe that deserves the "M" award! What does everyone else say?

  3. Pabbj

    TY Steve
    I was wondering about that cause every since I quit smoking (3 yrs ago) I keep putting on lbs and six moths ago I had prostate cancer and had a radical prostatectomy and that made put on some lbs anyway I need to kick it up a couple notches.
    Ride Safe,

  4. SdeweinFL

    Hey Pabbj, sorry to hear about your health problems - I sure hope you are doing OK. I can relate to the medication-induced weight gain issue. I have put on 150 lbs in the last few years. I look a little like the Michelin Man - or like I backed into an air compressor. If I keep gaining, I'm gonna have to have TWO bikes to support me - and weigh myself at the local weigh station or freight scale.....

    And to think, people used to tease me for being so skinny....

  5. Pabbj

    Yeah Steve me too when I went in the army I was 5'11' 140# now I'm tipping the scales a 200# on a real small frame . It's all gut .
    As far as my health I'm doin great I rode to Dothan AL 3 moths after surgery. All total 1380 miles . Ima survivor the Lord is not done with me yet .

  6. chaser38

    It will be wonderful, but don't rush to meet your Maker. We haven't riden together, yet!


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