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Footboards NOT scraping now

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  1. freezbirid

    I was getting fed up with my boards scrapeing especially as my mrs is always behind me on her VN 900 and hers have never touched yet we are both much the same weight.Anyway i needed a quick cheap solution so i made some spacers for my front suspension legs to increase the preload tension now my bike sits one and half inch higher at the front and my boards didnt touch at all yesterday it doesnt seem to of effected the handeling at all as i rode it hard to test it out with no problems.That is what i did to stop my boards scrapeing and im very happy with it but im not sugesting anyone else should do it as its obviously changed the geometry of the bike and could be dangerous.TAKE CARE BE SAFE ENJOY

  2. Zoom181

    Hmmmm, what's the fun in that? LOL

    Just Kidding!

    But I don't mind the scraping, matter of fact when I am doing my curvy's I am running it to scrape. Well lets put it this way, if you hear me scraping on the mountains you know I am having a blast!

    After leading a nice ride yesterday the lady behind me said, "I like the way you ride". I replied, "what do you mean." She said, "they say you ain't a biker until you scrape those floorboards a few times". LOL

    I will be interested to know in the long run how it has done, so let us know more after you have ridden a while like this.

  3. zmogejyoe

    Your spacers sounds like a good solution, can you post a pic of them to see exactly what you did. While I do not scrape often, I take it as a warning that I am close to the maximum safe lean angle. With the spacers you don't have that warning so do take care. Enjoy and be safe!

  4. freezbirid

    Well i have done a few hundred miles now with the spacers in and no problems at all with handleing,i can lean further now without scrapeing but just managed to scrape once the best thing is that now i can take roundabouts at a normal speed without touching down i much prefer it now i used to go too wide round some corners to prevent the scrapeing. TAKE CARE ALL

  5. yhoower

    I don't scrape my boards often (1 as a matter of fact) but I've been thinking about different options for raising my 950T. I would also like to see the details on your mod. Thanks in advance.

  6. froto

    Ya need long legs if ya wanna do that...that leaves me out!

  7. BRASMAN182

    Sounds like a great idea. I wish I could go with a taller front tire. My boards a hardly ever scrape though so until I ride a little more I guress I am good to go. The fact that they scrape a bit before you get to the bikes max capability sounds like a good thing to me though. Its fun in the twisty section though and I plan on getting a warrior to add to my stable in a year so its all good. Would love to see pics of what you did though.

  8. SkdMige

    Come on freezbirid,,,,, give us some pix of your mod. And make it snappy.

  9. freezbirid

    SORRY cant take pics as the spacers live inside me forks now,all its done is extend the length of me forks by about inch and half.I made the spacers from some rear spindle footpegs off my kids bmx pushbike they was the only thing i could find the rite diameter.all i had to do was cut them down in length.Should of took pics as i was doing it but didnt no if it would work.

  10. SkdMige

    SORRY cant take pics as the spacers live inside me...

    Ok,,, perhaps you could do a detailed explanation of how it's done. We'd surely appreciate it my friend.

  11. tunc

    basically all your doing is extending the tube spacer in the fork and increasing the preload on your forks
    You're not really stiffening the forks by doing this, only raising the ride height.
    its increasing the length of part #16 and 34 respetfully.
    re-load is used to adjust the initial position of the suspension with the weight of the motorcycle and rider acting on it. Both the front forks and the rear shock or shocks can be adjusted for pre-load on most modern motorcycles. The difference between the fully extended length of the suspension and the length compressed by the weight of the motorcycle and rider is called "total sag". Total sag is set to optimize the initial position of the suspension to avoid "bottoming out" or "topping out" under normal riding conditions. "Bottoming out" occurs when the suspension is compressed to the point where it mechanically cannot compress any more. "Topping out" occurs when the suspension extends fully and cannot mechanically extend any more. Increasing pre-load increases the initial force on the spring thereby reducing total sag. Decreasing pre-load decreases the initial force in the spring thereby increasing total sag.
    The pre-load on both forks should always be the same. Dangerous handling behavior and possible damage can result otherwise

  12. badmrbox488

    Since you have the 950 and the Mrs has the VN 900 which bike is a better overall bike in your opinion? I have narrowed my search to those two machines but would like to hear your opinion since you have driven both. Do you change your own oil on your bikes? Are both simple to change? Just trying to get firsthand knowledge and feedback before I purchase. I am leaning towards the Vstar but please let me know what you think overall on the two bikes. ty

    I was getting fed up with my boards scrapeing especially...


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