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foot board replacement

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  1. weozii51

    i am a new rider with an 07 v star classic. love the bike but the floorboards and gear shifter and i don't get along. i guess my feet are too big and wide? has anyone removed the fooboards and replaced them with pegs as well as changing out the gear shifter to elimiNade the heel shifter? thanks.

  2. fiwezdrinkmatnezz

    One thing you can do is get the control setup off of a V Star Custom. They should bolt right up.

  3. weozii51

    thanks, i will give that a look.

  4. tvhojle

    Yes i got every thing from a Custom the parts are about $ 350. I got them from I cant rember the parts you need i did this 3 years ago.

  5. weozii51

    do the parts need to be from the same year bike, i was thinking of used parts? did you like the ride better as far as foot placement and ease of shifting? thanks for the info.

  6. wildcatf5

    I wish that the parts from my '09 Custom were good, but they were messed up in the wreck. Otherwise, I would try to do a trade.
    But since I can't trade, please let me know if you find the parts you need. I might be interested in purchasing your current boards and parts if you wish to sell.

  7. fiwezdrinkmatnezz

    To the best of my knowledge, Yamaha has never changed the control setups on the vstars. You may want to double check that before you buy, though. I'm about 90% positive that as long as the model is the same, the year doesn't matter.

  8. wildcatf5

    To the best of my knowledge, Yamaha has never changed...

    You are right about the model. All the brackets are different between the Classic and the Custom. I'm not sure about the shift linkage on the left and the brake linkage on the right. But I am sure that the floorboards on a Classic will not just bolt up to where the pegs are on a Custom, or vise-versa without the mounting bracket that bolts to the frame.

  9. weozii51

    thanks guys.

  10. cattig75

    I was thinking about switching out the boards a '01 650 Classic. Makin' sure I understand...if I get the pegs and mounting bracket assembly from an '01 Custom, they should mount up on a 650 Classic?

  11. jbordelon13

    I'm going to be replacing my boards with pegs in the next few weeks. My feet are size 14 and there's just too much stuff down there. With the pegs, I should be able to angle my feet and keep them out of the way. I don't like sitting flat footed anyway.

    FYI, these are what I'm thinking about getting:


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