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Floor Boards to Pegs

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  1. pezcaez

    I have a 2001 Vstar 650 Classic and the only thing that I do not like on the bike and have been unalbe to change is the floor boards. I think I would rather have pegs instead. Anyone have any ideas on how I could take off the floorboards and install pegs without have to spend alot of money for forward controls?

  2. larrj68

    I have a 2004, I took mine off ahout 2 years ago (old farts bad knees, wrong angle will riding). Take the pin to the hardware store and get a 2 bolts a little longer than the pin and 4 nuts, get a rod that the bolt will fit into (I used a square aluminum towel rod). Cut the rod to be used as spacers, Use 2 nuts per bolt to lock the bolt in place. Right now I have 1 1/2 inch spacer to the back and a 1 inch spacer to the front with the peg in the middle. Feels like forward controls but have take your foot off the peg to use the Break since the right foot is in front of the pedal. Works good for me.


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