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  1. Lrtoflamancha

    Any suggestions on a flag holder for a V Star 1300? I want something chrome and is not tacky looking. So far I can't seem to find much of anything that will work on this bike.

    Thanks....... Rocky

  2. zumnckuj

    Yeah I have a pretty cheap solutions. Lemme find the link

  3. zumnckuj

    still lookin 4 the link ...

    Dang know it was a marine site also selling bike mounts.

  4. TSdar

    Two different setups by the same company.

  5. MorkKW

    I've also seen the rumblingpride's flags mentioned by TSdar and they appear nice. I also believe they're priced a little less than some of the other brands. Depending upon if you have saddlebag guards, a sissy bar, or a luggage rack, Kuryakyn also offers one. J&P Cycles and some other online stores offer them, as well.


  6. zumnckuj

    I new Id find the darn thing .. this is nice ...

    Only problem I have is that the flag kind of twists around the flag pole. No problem a few rubber grommits from Lowes will fix dat.

  7. RiterNo6

    Go to for your flagholder.

  8. gewint711

    I made a flag mount that replaces the rear peg. I only use it for parades and funerals with the Patriot Guard Riders. If anyone is interested in this mount you can shoot me a message and I'll send you some pics.


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