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first time ever raider pics with a few mods

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  1. Pavbj

    that wouldnt make for a good day when leaning into a turn real good.
    I hear that! Naw, just fer short breaks on the highway.

  2. raiteryungie

    yeah i have to do something. every time we go riding thats what see conplains about. if thats all she conplains about i think i could do something for her.

  3. SajIdAindSo

    hey SajIdAindSo. i havent had any problems yet knock on wood. we are same state riders. are u planning on going to biketoberfest this year?? what would think my bike would look like with solid black rims in a flat black????
    I don't know about Daytona yet, but ThunderBeach in Panama City next month is a sure thing. If your coming north to PC let me know and I'll ride the last leg of your trip with you. Its about only 125mi from Tallahasse to PC so its an easy jump over there for me. I'll send you a PM when I know more about Biketoberfest.

  4. ping32

    Nice Ride,,, enjoy it, Raiders Rock.. whether it is a Raven, Standard, or S model, and they're even better with a few mods...

  5. raiteryungie

    hey bink thanks. i lived in medway ohio. i have family that lives in troy and tipps city

  6. KeidhB

    Looking very nice



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