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first mods on the '07

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  1. HAWK54

    Mustang Seat: had one on my 650 and loved it so that was the first thing on my to do list...the M%$^%R F%$ (at) (at) R was not an easy install on the 1100. The bracket on the seat would no line up with the stock seat mounting holes. With some worrying, I had to 'force' the alignment. Finally got the seat installed. After that, the passenger seat install went as expected.

    Luggage Rack: I hate wearing a backpack on my rides so guess where it's going.

    Sorry, no pics yet. As soon as I finished, I left to meet a buddy at my favorite watering hole. Funny how things get around. He had already heard through the grapevine that I bought a motorcycle and was anxious to check it out.

    Next up...ISO Grips w/ Throttle Bosses.

  2. HAWK54

    Put the grips and throttle bosses on today. Here's a picture (mustang seat, luggage rack, ISO grips, Throttle Bosses).

  3. quicgmicg

    lookin good!

  4. exotuz28

    i have the exact same bike.. the 07 custom 1100 midnight... how is that seat.. is it much more comfortable.. send me a link to it.. i was thinking about one with gel pads.. also looking into foward controls....and a different intake...Krome Makes some badass powder coatd pipes

  5. HAWK54

    i have the exact same bike.. the 07 custom 1100...
    I like the seat a lot. Had one before on my v star 650. I bought all of my recent upgrades from this

  6. wzdarpiger54

    HAWK, just looking at your 'mod pics', how much weight can the rear rack hold? I'm looking to put on a rear rack so I can get a hard trunk. Thanks

  7. quicgmicg

    I had the same rack on mine and it is really solid. I'm sure it would hold anything you'd want to carry on your bike.

  8. placgzdar30

    i have the exact same bike.. the 07 custom 1100...
    I bought a mustang seat for my 1100 custom last winter and love it. Seat seems to get better as it breaks in. Also hear good things about Ultimate seats although they are a little higher in price.

  9. HAWK54

    HAWK, just looking at your 'mod pics', how much weight...
    I think I remember reading 10 lbs somewhere but I'm pretty sure I've carried more than that on the rack.


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