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  1. VTvinChic

    Went very well today! OK, all except the red Civic that decided that I was invisible. C'mon, you've got to be kidding - how can you not see Captain Safety coming?
    (with white helmet). Seriously!!???

    Anyways, I was with the group, humming along, when this she-bitch decides she would like to merge from an on ramp into the entire group. Apparently, she slowed down too much for her liking, hits the gas, and I could nearly touch her front quarter panel by the time she got into my lane. To my back left, I see another truck rapidly approaching, so here I am, getting a very swift lesson in lane splitting!!!

    Quick bob and zig, and I'm here to tell the story. Now, get on your bikes and go do some serious parking lot practice!!!!!

  2. tunc

    and they couldnt see ya in that

    there all out to get us thats the way i ride

    hope it didnt spoil ya ride day

  3. zliter

    Glad you are okay.. I too had a near miss (again) today also.. tunc is right, they are out to get us, but I'm not going to let them srop me from riding!

  4. Gman16827

    Apparently bright colors don't save lives either!!

  5. retzdaret

    They still have to look to see you. If there was only a way to make them do that. Glad you OK.

  6. wzdar6

    Chic She could see ya but was blinded by the brightness!! I was amused that you revealed the gender of the offender. I still refer to the person that hit me on my bike and left me lying in the road as a lady! I don't know why I give her any respect?? Glad you're OK!

  7. VTvinChic

    You're right, they do have to look to see me. I know this jacket has saved my hide many times over before this.
    She was just impatient and wanting me to move, and when I didn't she made the merge anyways. I normally do move to the free lane beside to allow others on, but I didn't want to get separated from the group in an unfamiliar route - especially my first ride.

  8. DominicS308

    you would have thought that she could have seen and heard the whole group.

  9. macrozzfan

    being a lady yourself you always could follow her to her destination and beat or at least scare the living crap out of her with the rest of your group. I'm thinking... Chick fight!

    I Had a friend get bumped (sideswipe...guy never even stopped) by this 70 or so year old guy in Tempe, AZ a few years back. The guy followed him to his destination...some crappy strip mall and confronted the guy about it and said you've got two choices....1. I beat the living crap out of you right here right now OR give me your keys. The old man give him his keys and my buddy tosses them on the roof of the strip mall and tells him if he ever see's him on the road again, there will no longer be a choice number two...we'll go straight to choice number one.

    I guess the guy was so decrepid that he couldn't even turn his neck to look for other traffic.

  10. popper19

    Must be something in the air. I almost got peeled yesterday, too... dummy at a stop sign looked right at me, in the eye, as I was going down the road, then starts to pull through the stop sign.... pucker factor shot up, that's for damn sure!!!

  11. macrozzfan

    The only problem I've had so far this riding season is the usual cager riding my ass becaues they are too ignorant that they aren't following at a safe distance. Nothing like having a bumper 3 feet behind your bike when you're doing 65mph.

    Somedays I wish bikers were allowed to carry grenades to drop behind us.

  12. nevzdarriter

    Don't need hand grenades, you can drop a marble when they follow to close. Won't hurt anything but it will sound like something just fell off of their car. They won't even know what happened, just drop it to the pavement.

  13. yaro

    On Friday I'm riding on the left lane. There is a Suburban passing me on the right lane. The woman looks at me and changes the lane cutting me off without any signal, just because someone was turning right in her lane and she did not wanted to slow down. [maybe she sent me a mental signal that stupid me didn't recognize?] If i didn't slow down a bit, she would've hit me.

  14. cmac343

    This is why we had a 200 or 300 Hundred bikes come in at bike blessing today in Uxbridge, MA and then another one of about 30 in N. Attleboro. People are just crazy out there. I am thinking more and more about those blaster horns.

  15. zoudherngomferd

    I've been run out of my lane 3 times in the last 2 months. 2 times on highway (rushhour, on the way to work) and once on regular city street. I try not to ride side by side with anyone and always expect someone to make a stupid move. Some people should have their drivers liscence revoked. I like motocrosses story. Sometimes you just want to beat the crap out of some people. Glad you are OK VTC.

  16. VTvinChic

    Thanks for the rant... It probably wasn't the fact that she didn't see the group (or me), but rather more that she was ticked that there was a line of bikes that didn't want to let her merge, and I happened to be the lucky one.

    A few members showed her who was #1.... but I digress.

    I honestly didn't think much about it untill the following break, when I had the passenger on the bike following me walk up and give me a big hug.

    Lesson re-affirmed: expect stupidity..therefore, when nothing happens, you'll be pleasantly pleased.

  17. tillikaff

    Spring is in the air and the stupid people are out in force.
    We had a chapter ride today. The ride was over and everybody was splitting up heading home. Three of us were just outside Spokane, and the car behind me decided to pass us and 3 more cars ahead of us. Needles to say there wasn't room for him to go around everyone. So he swerved to the shoulder on the other side of the on coming traffic, and drove up the shoulder still going like a bat out of hell. He must have pissed off a guy on a Harley going the other direction, because here he comes chasing the car. He comes up behind us, and weaves through our staggered formation. Then he splits the center line between traffic, going after the car. It just left us shaking our heads. About a mile up the rode the guy on the Harley was pulled off talking on his cell phone.
    What sight. Lucky there wasn't an accident. But everybody else on the road seemed to drive with cool heads, Except for the 2 idiots.

    Good Luck & Ride Safe

  18. MichaelW283

    I would blame it on being on 2 wheels but that jacket makes you far from invisible. So it really isn't a visibility thing, it is a size thing. It reminds me of lesson #1 when driving on a mine site, the bigger the vehicle the bigger the right of way. So if you were in your cage and it was smaller than the other
    "lady's" she probably would have done the same thing. You can test out this theory by test driving a smart car. You will be pushed all over the road by everyone in a compact on up.

    I think it is just really bad human nature that is on the rise because the only time someone can "do what they want" is when they are in their car and feel safe from the rest of the world and if they are bigger they get to push the smallers around.

    I am glad you survived your incident. Yep that parking lot practice is a wonderful thing.

  19. Suzhipiger

    THAT's your jacket?? Man, I thought my safety vest was loud. Actually, I like it. It's loud, safe, yet the cut is still stylish. I'm not sure I'd wear one but I think it's a good jacket.

    Sorry to hear about your incident but I'm glad you're ok and that it didn't ruin your day.

  20. Goadlocger69

    I hesitate to bring this up because I don’t want to sound like I am putting any blame on VTvinChic, I’m not. Nor do I want to sound like I am trying to defend the moron who almost ran into her. I just want to put something out there that may help in the future. VTvinChic said something that does concern me, she said “I normally do move to the free lane beside to allow others on, but I didn't want to get separated from the group in an unfamiliar route - especially my first ride.” Here is an excerpt from a

    One common problem I see with large groups is a failure to provide gaps for other traffic. On a two-lane road, it may be impossible for overtaking traffic to safely pass a line of a dozen or more motorcycles. Some members of the group may get run off the road if a driver tries to pass and has to pull back into the right lane when oncoming traffic appears. On a multi-lane road like an interstate, a long double column of motorcycles may trap a car on one side of it, blocking it from reaching an exit. Some riders act as if permitting a car to cross their column of bikes is a violation of their religious and constitutional rights, and can make a driver already in a panic about missing his exit quite dangerous.

    Do address this problem. It's best to ride in sub-groups of four to six bikes and provide a gap of four or more car lengths between each sub-group. These groups can also be responsible for each other, taking care of other members of their group so that the entire fleet of bikes doesn't end up trying to squeeze onto the shoulder, which can create a real hazard.

    I don’t know how big the group was or if this was an issue but it might be something to consider for the next group ride.

    Also from the same article: …it's still possible to get separated, such as when a rider who has fallen behind turns a different way than those ahead. To help your group get together again, use these three systems:
    1. Give everyone an emergency phone number in writing to call (perhaps someone's answering machine which everyone knows the code for) or everyone's cell phone numbers. If you have just a single number, Murphy's Sixth Law of Communication says that phone's battery will be dead when the lost boys try to call it.
    2. Agree on the next stop every time you all pause for gas, grub or sightseeing. Be precise, "the first gas station on the west side of town," for example.
    3. Make sure everyone knows the evening's destination, preferably in writing.

    There is also a good 10 minute group riding video on the both and It's the standard "highly stimulating" MSF training video, but it does visually demonstrate most of the techniques.

    Again, I hope that I didn’t offend anyone, just thought that a review of some group riding techniques might help if nothing more than to have people think about problems that are unique to group riding.


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