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Fire shooting exhaust and backfiring

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  1. koltzmye

    Just purchased a used 2004 Vstar classic silverado 1100 with 3,800 miles on it from a private owner. The bike seems to be in good condition, but he told me up front that he did add some slip ons exhaust pipes, but that he didn't have the carbs rejetted and the bike pops cause of this. The front header pipe is turning color and I asked the guy how long ago it started and he said about 4 months ago. So I did plan to replace the exhaust, and the guy told me his slip ons cost him $400 and if he done the full exhaist it would have been $800, is a full exhaust really that much?
    Ive read that if you just add slip ons and don't go full exhaust, keeping the stock header pipes, then you don't need to rejet? Is this true? I test rode it, and it rode fine, seemed to be responsive and powerful, but it did pop and noticibly on the decelleration.
    Brought it home last night and when pulling it in the garage and reving it I saw blue flames flashing out the exhaust pipes on some the of pops. This bike only hs 3800 miles on it. With the front pipe turnig color, exhaust popping, and blue flames flashing out on some pops, should I be concerned. Is any of this be indicative of anything major that needs to be addressed immediately. Is it damaging the engine or valves? Can The bike be ridden for a while before I replace the exhaust and rejet. Need to let the funds build again before I can start adding to this stock bike. Any advice?

  2. Ravhite

    The first thing that I would check would be to see if the AIS is still hooked up, I'll bet it is. This needs to disconnected or preferably removed as it will cause the back-fire. Buy some new spark plugs and do an across the board A/F ratio test to ensure that the mixture is correct. As for the $800. exhaust system, is it platinum?

  3. koltzmye

    I've never had exhaust installed before, but I have seen some online,. ranging from 4 to 6 hundred, so when he told me 800 i thought it sounded expensive, but I didn't know if me was including labor, rejetting and and whole ball of wax? What is a typical cost to get a nice set of pipes done right? and what all usually needs to be done besides just taking off the old and slapping on the new? I didn't ask him if he was gonna install platinum pipes, but when you aren't experienced in those sorts of things, sometimes its easy to get taken advantage of, so I wonder if whoever said that to him was trying to play him? I don't know why he would have said that if it hadn't been told to him.

  4. mopoj

    blue flames! cool!

  5. Ravhite

    In all seriousness at $800 it must have included installation and re-jetting the carb. You can get good quality pipes for much less than that to include installation depending on the dealer.

  6. fupar

    The first thing that I would check would be to see if the AIS is still hooked up, I'll bet it is. This needs to disconnected or preferably removed as it will cause the back-fire.
    I, too, get an occasional back-fire on decel. I have considered disconnecting my AIS, but I read the following link -

    after this guy disconnected his AIS, he found a few problems:
    -a build-up of gasoline in one of the disconnected AIS lines.
    -water accumulation in the other 2 lines.
    -the rubber lines started to crack.
    -the chrome lines started to rust.
    Is this normal? If so, is there a way around this (other than the AIS removal)?

    I would not have a problem with removing my AIS. Since I don't have to do any emission testing, the removal would not be of any concern. I just think having any amount of gas gather in any place, except for where it should be, can't be a good thing.

  7. khunder102

    The buildup of gas, the water in the lines, and the cracking and rusting were all as a result of incomplete removal of the system. As far as I know, it can't be avoided if you disable the AIS that way. If you buy the plugs and install them, all of that stuff is removed, so it doesn't happen.


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