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finally order my new exhaust!

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    After endless searches I ended up buying samson warlord cannons. I tell ya picking out exhust wasnt easy, way to many choices out there. Now I am crossing my fingers that I will like them. My yamaha dealer said they hardly ever sell them, the most popular is the hardkrome, but something said to try it. They should be in next week and the bike will be ready by weeks end, I cant wait. Will I be pleasently surprised?

  2. Fulldild1

    An Exhaust upgrade definatey adds to the "Smileage"

  3. quicgmicg

    Indeed it does....

  4. Nidhhokr

    If you like nice deep rumbling pipes. You will love them.


    Thats the sound I was hoping for, deep rumble, and hopefully kinda loud! Of course it should make me !LOL

  6. bkman

    I have to admit that I never really like the loud cruisers, but that was before I rode one. My bike is not extremely loud like some (which I still don't like that much) but the rumble of a V-Twin is intoxicating, and you really can't hear it unless you put some pipes on (or at least slip-ons). I am sure you will love those Samsons. I had to go cheaper on mine, which made shopping for pipes a little easier. My choices were basically Cobra or, um, Cobra. I really wanted Hard Krome, but doing an ORK at the same time busted my budget. My pleasant suprise was that my relatively inexpensive Cobra 2-into-1 exhaust is one of the most amazing sounds I've ever heard. I'd never go back to stock exhaust. Good luck with your installation.


    Well the pipes are on FINALLY (posted thread in the rant if ya wonder why I say finally). I got to say, after countless sound clips and asking around on here, I do believe I made the right decision on what pipes I would love. WOW-now thats the sound I dreamed of Very nice and deep rumble and quite loud with the twist of the throttle! Santa came early! Samson Warlord Cannons makes me feel coolLOL

  8. micg10

    congrats, glad to hear your happy with them. now its time to give the neighbours the sh%ts! lol


    Oh yes, my garage faces the neighbors house and I think Ive been out to fire it up a few times just to hear them roar! Its been raining here most of the day but I did manage to get it out between showers so .......CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!

  10. micg10

    thats what that rumble was! i thought it was a helicopter landing on my roof.


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