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Final Drive Alignment?

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  1. Heatlikhd

    I bought my 2005 650 Custom used and abused, with about 9000 miles on it. I had to add a lot of oil to the final drive, then it leaked like crazy because of a bad seal. I found that the input shaft bearing was shot when I checked out the leakage. I've since put in a new unit, but I don't know if the failure of the previous one was because of an alignment problem, or neglect, so I'm trying to figure out if shimming is necessary.

    I've read the final drive alignment instructions at, and have a question for those with some experience in the matter. Just how much variation in the gap is acceptable? I measured mine with feeler gages, and the front to rear variation is only about 0.010, but top to bottom is closer to 0.030. Is that a lot, or a little? What am I aiming for if I try to shim the attachment points? TIA for any advice.

  2. Heatlikhd

    Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

    OK, if nobody has an answer (and I realize very well that there might not be a definitive answer), how about somebody else who is interested measure the gaps on their bike and let us know what you get.

  3. MigejCojode

    Sorry replied to this twice, must be problems with the computer at work.

    Although not that far out I am sure you can get them closer. Not recommended for every one but try it with the wheel lifted and spinning. Last one I did that got the axle bang on and aligned, everything else fell into place. Also ensure you loosen all bolts, including the drive shaft housing on the final drive. When all is done correctly there will be very little difference in the gap and the drive shaft seal will fit evenly around.

  4. Heatlikhd

    Thanks, Mikey. I appreciate the input.


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