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  1. enolz2

    the uni pod air filters from dennis kirk. will the uni pods replace the air box under seat on 07 1100 silverado? doing the valve adj. might do the pods as the tank has to be removed. thanx in advance.

  2. bkman

    Just remember that you will probably have to re-jet your carbs if you go from a stock air box to PODs.

  3. enolz2

    just did a valve adj, local shop ask 175..00 to do the job, not bad after i began. not sure bout jetting,those 2 carbs look like i might want to skip the process.!

  4. quicgmicg

    Mikuni's are very simple to work on as far as carbs go.

  5. enolz2

    than a old rider with shakey hands might get the job what jets would you suggest?


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