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  1. dmons

    can i put classic front and rear fenders on my custom without too much modification involved? I kind of like the classic look

  2. quicgmicg

    Yup... just a few modifications. I've got a Classic rear on my Custom and a hand made front fender styled to look like a Classic...just narrower. The seat hooks up different on a Classic, or you'll either need to buy a new seat, or drill a couple holes to get it to fit. See pic.

    You can see the small divot in the tape....that is the original mounting hole for a Classic seat.

    The other issue is that the rear pillion bolt is about a 1/2" closer to the front on a Custom. If you want to keep the pillion, you'll need to drill a new hole for the rear pillion bolt to stick through. If you don't want the pillion, just cut the bolt off and put a chrome button in the hole in the fender. See pic for that drilled hole....

    The helmet lock will also need to be moved or removed.... and I added some washers where the side bolts go into the frame for a snug fit, the Classic fender is just slightly wider at this point.

    The front fender mounting holes are offset on a Custom and straight across on a Classic. By drilling a couple new holes and some creative maneuvering, you should be able to get it to go on. The only issue after that is that it makes the front tire look really skinny under that fat fender. Look around for a Classic front wheel to make it look a little better.

    Now I just need some time to finish THIS......

  3. dmons

    thanks for your help. appreciate it much


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