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falling asleep

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  1. micg10

    a mate of mine's girl friend fell asleep on the back of his bike for a couple of minutes one day, luckily she never fell off. i was just curious if anyone else has had the same thing happen to them.
    cheers mick

  2. MigejCojode

    extremely common. Myself and my club brothers were discussing that the other day. Every one of their regular passengers have fallen asleep on the back.

  3. alpj

    what a place to have a nap,

  4. procg3ka

    Wife does it all the time.

  5. chitter4

    My wife has done it.

  6. girgnt1zbt

    When I was younger, my dad would take me to school every day on the motorcycle (unless it was really cold, or raining), and it was about an hour ride for me every morning. I'd sleep the whole way to school and teh whole way home every day. Never thought much about it.

  7. tunc

    seems to be common thing this sleepin pillion syndrome
    mate mrs gets a occy (bungy/elastic strap) around her so she dont fall off
    never had any one on the back of me do this it must be a little un nerving i would think

  8. khunder102

    My 12 year old son rides with me a lot. As he always falls asleep in the car during a trip that's more than a half hour or so, I feel like I have to constantly nudge him when he's on the bike with me, so he doesn't fall asleep.


  9. Hunejpe1

    Used to happen to me also and that was out of being bored and nothing else to do. That's why I got my own bike now I'm not bored any more.

  10. THUNDER160

    Matter of fact had a friend take a little nap a couple weeks ago while we were in Bandera,Texas, his did not have such a good out come since he was the driver , broken right wrist that has now several plates and screws 9,870.00 dollars in damage to his harley, this was a case of to much partying the night before........

  11. MichaelW283

    Laughing.... You guys are talking about passengers. I thought you were going to say as drivers. lol

    Which I have done twice while riding to the limits. Both times I was having a dream I was riding my bike. Both ended with me waking up startled. Neither time did I have any mishap as both times I was on a deserted road. I don't think I was asleep for any length of time. It is interesting that I kept balance and speed.

    Now as far as far as passengers are concerned. I take none of you have been on a wine tasting run. I tease my girl that I bout one of those spider web bungee nets I got for her when we go wine tasting. I don't drink while driving so she makes up for me.

  12. mento

    My 16 year old son has done it several times. Most recently on a trip to Vegas. He was too excited to sleep well the night before so needless to say everytime I felt him lean harder on me or sliding I had to do a stop so he could walk around and shake off the wearyness.



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