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exhaust question

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  1. flamet196

    I am looking in to the pacific coast star "curb burners" with jet-kit, hypercharger and ais removal. here is my question would those pipes be too short that I would loose low end torque? hopefully not, they look badass and I would really like them on my bike. QUICKMIC you have these same pipes but in chrome don't you? have you noted a drop?

  2. bkman

    I am sure Mick will chime in - I think he has this same setup. I haven't heard him complain about any loss of torque.

  3. Ghozd608

    I have the 2-1 verson PCS pipe (Black), Preditor Pro, and Intake with K&N filters on my V-star Its pictures on the first page of the Gallery here and on my page, the Pipes are bad-Ass, I never noticed any loss, actually possible a gain, but I did several mods at the same time. The Pipes do Rumble, so if you live somewhere that the cops are not Biker freindly be Careful, as when You crank the throttle open, the pipes really let everyone know that V-Twin is catching some Radical R's


  4. Ghozd608

    I attached 2 pics of Ghost 1 (my V-star 1100) with the Pac. Coast Star 2-1 pipes.



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