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  1. SonnjR

    I'm looking for advise on exhaust sound. I want to replace my factory exhaust with something alittle louder, I don't want to wake the neighbors up in the morning but I want cars to know I'm around.

  2. SonnjR

    Thanks, is there any that can be done to prevent the tranish.

  3. VzdarManiac

    I don't know what it is, I'm going to talk to my dealer again and see what's up, I'm thinking it's because mine are on a 650 and pinned to the max so they heat up bigtime.

  4. MigeH

    I think it is just cobra pipes. Every set I have seen turned brown around the baffles. It didn't matter what brand or size of bike they were on.

  5. VzdarManiac

    well, isn't that just great. Something I wish I knew when I bought them.

  6. CazdleRocged

    I put Vance & Hines slip ons on my bike and love the sound. Not to quiet and won't make an enemy of the neighbors.


  7. 2WheelPik

    There's a process of removing the baffles from the factory exhaust, which I've done on my '06, and it makes for a really great sound, especially if you continue on and do the drain pipes. I kind of like the looks of the factory exhaust, too. I didn't see what year of bike you have, but the '05 and earlier are pretty easy to remove the exhaust. Mine was a little difficult. I'm not sure the rules on posting outside links, but do a google search, and be sure to include Jack Phelps 1100 in the search. I've corresponded with him and he's a great guy, eager to help.

  8. VzdarManiac

    You can post links. I never understood that with other forums, why would you "not" want to post helpful links? So go ahead.

  9. 2WheelPik

    Here's the link:
    If you have an '06, I did not have any luck with the vise grips and hammer. Instead I had to take a 12" (or longer, can't remember) spade bit and punch the opening where the baffle connects inside to make the hole wider for the baffle to come out.

    Remember, this is for 1100's only.

  10. druyeebr

    I did that mod to my 06 1100 VStar, it sounds better than stock (deep tone).

    StarVy40 has instructions for doing this.
    Click this link and read the post.

  11. dplangen769

    I just bought the DG Hard Krome Big Straights for my 2007 V Star 1100 Classic and they are awesome. And no blueing. You want the deep Harley sound get these. I took the baffles out to really piss off the neighbors but they sound awesome either way.

  12. covpoj636

    Do you have to re-jet the carbs or anything after removing the baffles on a 2005 1100 Classic?

  13. Ravhite

    Do you have to re-jet the carbs or anything after...
    I would say no if you plan on installing torque cones, if not then I would check the spark plugs across the band to make sure your jetting is OK.

  14. mopoj

    I drilled out (1 1/2" hole saw) my exhaust and pulled out the baffles. It was a
    little loud at this point so I took a bout a 3" piece of 1 1/2" exhaust pipe and
    painted it black and drove it in flush with the existing pipe. Looks like
    something off the Jettson's show. I can send pix to someone if I get an
    email address and they can post it. cost 3.00 for the pipe and sounds as
    good as the Cobra's.

  15. Ravhite

    You can post them in the gallery or post them on the thread yourself up to a certain amount. Let me know if you need help.

  16. TvikkzX1

    There's a process of removing the baffles from the factory...
    I just did the exhaust mod om my 03 1100 and what a big difference i was a bit worried at first but after i did it which took maybe 1 hour wven with re painting inside it looks and sounds great

  17. IAFF1419

    I just bought the DG Hard Krome Big Straights for...
    Sounds nice. Got a pic?

  18. nadzcarbelli1

    If you go back 3 pages on this forum, read the thread called "pulled out the baffles" dated 10-06-2008 all the info is in there on how to do this mod along with some pics. I did it on mine and I am very pleased with the sound.

  19. LiddleBen

    I first went with the hole saw mod, Then later I went with the Monster pro 2into 1 with a long baffle. You can hear it here: I have run this pipe without any diccoloration at all. I have the ceramichrome one. I did other mods at the same; cams, Jets, ais removal etc. This pipe is a little different in that you have to burn it in and use aluminum mag wheel polish on it. Chrome polish will discolor it. Overall, I would give it a ten on the satisfaction scale. ,LB


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