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  1. retzdarraiter

    im looking for short pipes, i saw ones called bubs stubbs? i cant find em anywhere. they are real short, they dont go past the transmission. any help? any disadvantages or advantages from shorties?

  2. tezerdhi

    You want shorter than these? Mine are Sampsons made for the warrior. I think LowandMean has some real short pipes also.

  3. retzdarraiter

    the ones i was looking at were about 6-8" shorter

  4. retzdarraiter

    man, im all confused! do i want shorties or the v&h big radius 2into1. insurance is paying for it so i can get ANY pipes i want. maybe i'll buy a set of stockers for a couple hundred and wait til im sure. what a quandry!!!

  5. Wilcon857

    Low and Mean has the S4, they are about as short as they get.

  6. zaldjtok36

    I have the Cobra Dragsters out in the garage. Problem is that I started putting a Pergo floor in the house two days before the pipes got here. Oh well, I guess I will have something to look forward to doing.


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