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  1. Xion495

    I am new to biking (although me and my Vstar 1300 are a pretty fluid team at this point. If you're just starting out or need a refresher, I highly recommend the Team Arizona course.), and as such I am also new to the motorcycle tinkering culture. I AM a tinkerer though, and I want to work on the bike frequently. Lots of plans...ape hangers, new exhaust, air kit, rake the front fork, etc...

    I have a pretty nice socket wrench set, a pretty nice hex wrench set, pliers (needle-nose and locking), and a hammer. Reading this forum makes it painfully obvious I need a Dremmel, so that's in the works. Other than that, I'm bare - woefully "under-tooled". If that's not a word, well now it is - I just got it from the wordery

    So anyhow, what are the essentials needed for working on the bike? Obviously you could take this to some extreme levels if you wanted to chop the bike out, but forgoing metal fabrication, what are the essential tools all of us should have for the most common mods? Changing handlebars, installing risers, losers, forks, pipes, etc.

  2. chilibebber

    Basically a set of standard and metric sockets, same with allen key sets, open and box ends. I always need a band aid or two but thats just me.

  3. yerzejricg

    I always need a band aid or two but thats just me.
    ...Duct tape for me boss, cheaper and has a thousand uses! I even take a roll in my bags when I fly...

  4. vgink18054

    some kind of jack or stand to get the bike off the ground. good for working on the bike or just cleaning it. and a good manual.


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