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Engine Throttle acting weird - help!

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  1. migerot

    Hi Forum,

    I just purchased a used 2004 V Star 1100 classic as my first motorcycle. I cant even explain how much I love it. The last owner decked it out and I've been riding it on the weekends for 6 weeks now.

    Today when I took it for a spin, the engine would continue to rev even after i let off the throttle. This is the first cold weekend here in Georgia - 17 degrees last night, and its been a week since I've rode it last - but I'm curious if this behavior is expected when the engine is cold? I rode it for 20 minutes, and it was still acting weird...(I also made sure I had the fuel valve on). Any ideas?

    Also, any suggestions on the longest I should go without running the engine? We've had the carburetors cleaned and want to avoid that again...


  2. migerot

    Wow...newbie mistake number 1. leaving the choke on. Im going back out to ride. Feel free to make fun of me. I'll never do that again. Doh!

  3. tunc

    bloody choke
    dont worry ive done it to and not a newbie
    have fun

  4. Ghozd608

    Can't help you with your question, But that's a nice looking bike!

    Although you may check your throttle cable's to make sure they are not sticking, I know sometimes I have to loosen my cables up in the winter as the cables get cold and stiff. And then as spring or warm temp. come around I have to re-adjust them. If they are sticking you may try that, but the bike should Idle down, I wouldn't adjust them unless you can tell for sure they are cold and stiff. Hope this makes since???


  5. Ghozd608

    never mind my post!!!

    I had not updated my screen.... glad it was something simple!! Wait until you are riding and your bike dies, and it won't start? You will loook all over and finally notice that you accidently hit the kill switch. I have done that several times on my 1100.

  6. vgink18054

    I think we have all made the mistake of leaving the choke on. at least i know i have.
    when i know it will be more than a couple weeks before i get to ride my bike again i put about a 1/4 can of seafoam (gas treatment) in the tank and run it long enough to get it thru the carbs.

  7. wzdartan

    I've done it myself! I've also taken off to find that I didn't turn the fuel petcock on! I'm glad it was a simple thing for you.


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