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  1. dartpoj5

    Well, today was a scorcher, and guess who decided to take their bike to work this morning.

    Ended up being several degrees hotter than what was predict, and the ride home was in 103* air temps. Sure glad I switched to 20w-50 synthetic 1000 miles ago. Got home, shut the bike off, went inside and grabbed the infared thermometer and popped a reading of 272* F on the rear cylinder. An FMS certainly couldn't hurt in this weather.

    Would love some readings from anyone with an FMS in 100+ degree temps.

  2. tyzcarap

    I don't have anything to read my temp, but I have sat in stop/go traffic on 100 degree days after riding for a couple of hours. No problem for the 950. Not even a warning light. Now, my right thigh was on fire, but that's a personal problem.

  3. pjdor542

    I don't have anything to read my temp, but I...

    Same here. No way to check the temp, but I rode mine the other day for about an hour and it was 102 degrees. I had no problems except for the right thigh problem you mentioned. It must be contagious.

  4. Mondj

    I don't have anything to read my temp, but I...

    It's worse if you have lowers installed. I've been holding my right leg almost straight out to avoid the heat.

  5. TheGoltj

    I ride in some of the hottest weather in the country here in So. Calif., in stop and go traffic as well as on the highway, and I've never noticed any extra heat on my thigh. And I do have lowers installed. In cooler weather I wish there was extra heat there to help thaw out my fingers, but it just ain't there.

  6. yhoower

    Goldy you must be hot blooded. I just got back from a 2 hour ride and there was plenty of heat coming off the engine. It's 86 here today and you can tell it when you out riding.

  7. lem23

    if you wear some pants with additional leather on the inner thigh or chaps that cover your inner thigh there is way less heat there.

  8. SkdMige

    I rode last Wednesday and I was 105 degrees. As long as I was moving I didn't feel any uncomfortable heat from the engine, but when I stopped my right thigh was getting hotter than my left one, that's because the rear cylinder exhaust pipe is quite close the your thigh and there's no air to move the heat rearward. I don't believe that there's any way to correct that and still keep the bike's great cosmetic lines and appearance.
    Your thoughts.

  9. dartpoj5

    I rode last Wednesday and I was 105 degrees. As...

    Same opinions. My last bike was liquid-cooled, and in all honesty, they really don't feel that much different. Sitting and idling you would still get hot thigh, the thicker the jeans the better for deflecting.
    There may be some extra power loss with this being air-cooled, but given the gearing and power, I don't really notice that much either.

  10. quicgmicg

    Same opinions. My last bike was liquid-cooled, and in...

    +1 on that! A liquid cooled bike will get just as hot or hotter than an air cooled bike when there are extreme outside temps. The difference is that your air cooled bike is made to handle temp extremes.....the water cooled bike is not.

  11. yhoower

    TB, question for ya. When you switched to the 20w50 oil did you notice any change in the sound of your engine/tranny? The thing I noticed is that the tranny went from a whine to a hum.

  12. dartpoj5

    TB, question for ya. When you switched to the...

    Not sure I would be the best to answer that question for ya. The dealership had put Honda 20w-50 in it from the start, so the only real change was from 20w-50 regular to synthetic. Any noise I get from the tranny tends to be a whine, but not a very high pitch one and I have no other benchMarg for comparison.

  13. yhoower

    Thanks anyway TD.


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