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  1. melzul

    Lovin' my 950...except a LOT of heat coming off engine and exhaust. Sure am hoping will get some better after the break in. Has anyone experienced this same heat problem? So far I have put 400 miles on bike in the last few days. Its a vast improvement from the 650 Custom I've been riding for 5 years.

  2. Tuttle3

    I hear this occasionally regarding the engine heat. I personally don't see where it's an issue. I know of one lady here had a custom made deflector made of leather and draped to protect her legs. Is it the wave of heat that's bothering you or the contact surface of the exhaust? Are you wearing proper gear?

  3. Mondj

    I was wondering about what you're wearing also. I recently took a ride in shorts and my legs about fried. With jeans, I don't notice the heat.

  4. owidjonz

    Yesterday I rode to work in Dress pants, I usually wear my chaps but temps were in the 90's, felt like 100. My legs felt the heat from the exhaust, never noticed that with jeans or with the chaps. Guess I won't ride in dress pants without the chaps again.

  5. yhoower

    What weight and type oil are you running? When I went from 10w40 to 20w50 the engine on my 950 ran noticeably cooler. I also switched from Dino to Synthetic oil too.

  6. recumpendpop

    What weight and type oil are you running? When...

    Did you check it with a laser thermometer??

    I have never heard of different weight motor oils making an engine run cooler or hotter for that matter.

  7. DennisM

    I just had a 12k service on my Road* they switched me over to 20W-50 from 10W -40, so far the only difference That I have noticed is much less engine noise and a smoother running engine.

    No change on heat at least that I can detect by feel, the Outside temps were the same before and after the oil change.

    If im not mistaken here, Don't we need to run a lighter wieght oil in winter and a heavier oil in Summer?

  8. recumpendpop

    If im not mistaken here, Don't we need to run...

    That is my opinion and what I do.

  9. owidjonz

    For the 950, based on the owners manual: If you ride in temperatures bellow 50 F and don't ride in temperatures above 110 F you should use 10W 40, if you ride in a warm climate where you don't ride in temps bellow 50, you should use 20W 50. If you ride in both extremes then you would need to switch oils for each extreme bellow 50 F and above 110 F. If you only ride in Temperatures above 50F and bellow 110 F you could use either 10W 40 or 20W 50.

  10. DennisM

    I thought I saw a thread somewhere online that stated that Yamamama was going to reccomend that they switch the 950's over to 20W50 yamalube just to quell any complaints about the valve noise?

    This topic was going on in another forum I just cant remember where, when I still had my 950,and if I remember correctly they did switch my oil to the heavier 20W50 and it did help with the valve train noise.

    But I also have to add that my 950 was one of the very very rare ones that came with the valves out of spec from the factory, they aslo adjusted the valves to the min clearance values when they changed the oil weight.

    I would really like to hear more about any change in operating temps with the change in oil viscosities, I have also never heard of that one.


  11. yhoower

    Did you check it with a laser thermometer??I have never...

    Nope didn't use a laser. It just seemed to me that I was feeling less heat coming off the engine.

  12. Tuttle3

    For the 950, based on the owners manual: If you...

    OR, you can use Rotella T6 5w-40 and be done with it. That's what I've done...

    I recently took a ride in shorts and my legs about fried.
    You know, I've ridden with shorts a couple of times as well. Never experienced this, either. I'm honestly baffled at this heat issue...

  13. Mondj

    OR, you can use Rotella T6 5w-40 and be done...

    I only felt the heat after doing the airbox mod. Never noticed it before.

  14. Tuttle3

    This is really getting erie for me, Mondj. I just finished the airbox mod not too long ago and I still don't experience the heat isse....

  15. arecipo

    The heat most likely is from the rear cylinder. Same issue goes for any air cooled v-twin since most the air flow while riding hits the front cylinder. On the 950, right above the pulley cover is a little vent to push colder air to the rear cylinder, but this only works when your in motion. When your in stop and go traffic, just like the air conditioning system, it kind of doesn't work.

    I recently helped ToniTexas put a "crotch cover" on her bike. It was made for Harley's by Captain Itch. I don't know the web site so check with her or Google it. I did have to modify it to fit under her Mustang seat. But she swears by it now.


  16. yhoower

    I found the best solution for the engine heat problem today ...................... a nice 65 degree day over Labor Day weekend in MN. What a beautiful day to ride.

  17. Mondj

    This is really getting erie for me, Mondj. I just...

    Hi, Tuttle. It only was noticable when I was wearing cutoff blue jeans. Didn't notice it with regular jeans. Of course, the heat here in Central Texas has been terrible this Summer and I'm sure that had something to do with it also. Yesterday, in the 80's and didn't notice any heat at all. Sorry for confusing the issue.

  18. ScottP45

    This was in other forums, but someone did say they had to trim it up a little be to fit under the seat. I was going to find a Tack store and have one made over the winter months. But I do have to say that when it does get cooler out it sure helps to keep warm. I guess you can have the best of both worlds because its a matter of lifting up the seat and tossing it in the saddle bags.


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