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Engine Guard Install Reminder

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  1. VTvinChic

    Just remembered that I forgot to post this over the summer:
    When installing engine guards that go between the floorboard and frame, remember to adjust your rear brake light switch. I forgot this step after the install, and realized I had been riding a few miles with the brake light on constantly.
    See page 7-24 of the 650 MOM:

  2. hikvorlt

    While waiting on my MC Enterprises Engine Guard to arrive, I happened upon your post. So thanks for the great timing! I never would have thought to look back there after installing something up front. And yes, I needed a twist or two to keep the light from staying on.

    Thanks again!

    - Rick

  3. Suzhipiger


    You are such an engineer! I love how thorough you are, and how you quote the manual, chapter and verse. I'd turn a wrench with you any day.


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