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Engine Guard Chaps - great news!

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  1. MorkKW

    I recently had the pleasure of contacting one of the principals at AirLite Engine Guard Chaps, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, about the possibility of them designing and producing their excellent chaps for our 1300. They have been in touch with me since that time, keeping me up to date on any progress made. Presently, as I share this info, AirLite is already preparing to take measurements for our bike, using the Yammy OEM engine guards, with their goal being to manufacture their product for us in the very near future.

    I find it very refreshing for this company, AirLite, (or any other company these days) to have expressed such a sincere and immediate interest in my voicing the need for there to be, not just another product for our 1300, but an exceptional one that everyone will appreciate having. The quality and effectiveness of their products are very highly regarded, from all that I have seen and read to date.

    Anyone wishing to do so, please contact AirLite via their web site, to the attention of Bob Morris, and let him know that you, too, appreciate AirLite's interest in our bike and their initiative in providing us with an excellent and useful product at a great price.

    Check out their web site. Personally, I have already requested to be up towards the front of the line to purchase this product once it is ready and available to be sold. After doing some research of your own, who just may end up doing the same.

    AirLite Engine Guard Chaps


  2. chaser38

    OK, if you say so, I'll do it!
    Question: Is this a product that one would likely remove in the summer? That is, to allow for more airflow? Have you seen these (this brand) on other bikes? It's made of Vinyl. I get the benefits of care and maintenence, but, vinyl?

    Get back to me on this.....stat!

    PS: I color-coded the questions so you could keep them straight...

  3. Driwetapisnezz

    OK, if you say so, I'll do it!Question: Is...

    What he said


  4. MorkKW

    Howdy, Sir Chaz.

    1. I quickly put them on only when needed. Also, summer is the only season we have down here, therefore, I find that to be a non-issue.

    2. I have only read about them in other forums, where they are said to be excellent in design, quality and effectiveness.

    3. Vinyl is the only way they should be made. Vinly makes up most of the motorcycle seats found today, including the Mustang seat. Unless, they offer a special velour model out there in CA - ha!

    4. Thanks, 'cause I was gettin' really confused. : )

    I use engine guard chaps all year long whenever I'm cruising anywhere and it looks like we could run into rain....sure does keep the engine a lot cleaner, plus the boots and lower legs stay dry. I used them in NC 3 wks ago when it was in the high 40s and low 50s in the early mornings and they were great. I like the idea of AirLites' 1-piece unit vs. the normally found separate pieces for each side....much better protection from the elements. I now have the Sage Brush chaps, but am looking forward to having these, hopefully, sometime soon.


  5. MorkKW


    Ditto to what I said to him. : )


  6. Driwetapisnezz

    3. Vinyl is the only way they should be made. Vinly makes up most of the motorcycle seats found today, including the Mustang seat. Unless, they offer a special velour model out there in CA - ha!

    If you don't stop making those kind of CA cracks I'll have someone come out and scratch your eyes out.

  7. Pabbj

    Do they make them for the cobra bars?
    If so do thy come in opossum skin for here in Kentucky? LOLPabbj

  8. MorkKW

    Howdy, Pabbj.

    I'm originally from Ohio, but when someone asks me what I miss most about Ohio, my standard answer is, "Kentucky." Lake Cumberland, specifically.

    Initially, AirLite will be making engine guard chaps for the Yammy OEM bars. We had a discussion about the Cobra bars and, perhaps, they will eventually make them, but I don't expect that to happen right away.

    The type of material used, other than vinyl, will depend, I'm sure, on what "road kill" is discovered close by the area surrounding their facility. Only time will tell. : )


    Stay well.

  9. chaser38

    Got it, Morg.

    As to the vinyl issue, I believe that Corbin makes their seats out of leather. That was one of the "claims" that the rep made to me, anyway. But if the chaps can be removed easily, then I'm in; otherwise I don't like to mix my textures...if you know what I mean.

    Now don't go insulting our fellow California brethren....without me.

    I emailed the company and told them that my friend in KW provoked me into insisting that they make those chaps for the 1300. So, I did my part, under coersion, but completed my assignment.


  10. MorkKW


    Yes, you're a good man. Never was there a doubt. And yes, Corbin is a leather seat. Most seats, including Mustang and Ultimate are vinyl, although, Ultimate does offer leather as an extra cost option.


    ps: check's in the mail, but it's made out to your Yammy dealer, since I know you'll be there soon spending more money on some very cool accessory you don't need, but definitely "want."

  11. chaser38

    Aye-Aye, Sir. I'm ready for my next assignment. And pour me some more Kool-Aid...I'm ready to buy that next un-needed, chrome-plated, spring-loaded accessory. Just tell me I need it and who to call to get it.

    I'm in.

  12. MorkKW

    Naaah...if it's something chromey and sparkily, that's Steve's world. I'm almost afraid of what'll happen to his bike after it's been sitting in his garage all winter long. By Spring time, it'll probably be 98% chrome, with the remaining 2% being his tires.

  13. SdeweinFL

    Morg, If so do thy come in opossum skin...

    LMAO - too funny, Pabbj!

  14. MorkKW


    AirLite has completed its measuring and fitting of their excellent 1-piece chaps for our awesome 1300 with the Yammy OEM engine guards. These are now available for $79.95 and can be found on their web site at: Air Lite Two of us have just placed our orders and we're now anxious to learn first-hand about the benefits others on different forums have stated over and over they provide. While I have liked my present 2-piece chaps, I sit here very confident these AirLites will offer specific and absolute advantages. Stay tuned for the follow-up report at 11. : )


  15. chaser38

    This is one fabulous product. It slides on/off in a jiffy, cleans easily, looks fine, is fairly compact, but the most important thing is:


    This winter I've been able to enjoy rides early and late. The Chaps provide a fairing for your 1300. It keeps me warm and dry, when I'm riding in the wet stuff. It has really made the cooler rides a lot more comfortable. I highly suggest it. You'll need to have a bike with OEM engine guards to use it, but check into it.

    And now, for the good news, I've got an extra one for some lucky sole. You pay for shipping and it's yours. Send me a PM and we'll go from there.

  16. JuzdSdewe

    2 problems.
    1. They don't make them for the lindby multibars.
    2. They're not chrome...............

  17. ModoHero

    Might just ride north if I wasn't feeling so sickly today. Still might, hmmm.

  18. chaser38

    2 problems. 1. They don't make them for the...

    Actually I chromed these as soon as I got them. Oh well, 1 out of 2!

  19. yazonzdyohn2

    I'll take them if your passing them on
    Jason St.John

  20. chaser38

    Sorry, someone beat you to them. They are a great product. Check out Air Lite ...$80 is still a good deal.

    Jason St. John. That is the coolest radio name I've ever heard...


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