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  1. Squando

    So, when I start my bike and let it idle a bit or rev it a couple times and let it idle some more, the engine seems to give a short groan or two. At first I thought maybe the Exup servo was getting annoyed at not being connected to anything but that wasn't it and the noise seems to come farther forward. I am not able to see anything vibrate. Any guesses? or has anyone else noticed this?

    It's hard to tell where the sound is coming from. Damn loud pipes.

  2. zaldjtok36

    Check and make sure the heat shields are all clamped down. My wife's 300 sounded like the whole lower end of the motor was going out the other week. I went to change the oil, just for good measure, and found that the dealer had not torqued down the skid pan. That thing vibrated and made the sound just like a bearing going out. What a relief. I know that you had the Raider put together after shipping it over so "maybe?"

  3. Squando

    You're right, well. almost. I didn't "have" it put together, I did it myself with much help from a very mechanically minded friend. I decided it would be a good way for me to learn more about my bike and I could always call in the resident expert if there were problems. I'll be checking bolts and shields for a while I think though we did pay strict attention to the service manual and the torque specs.

    Any idea how we got that big honking VTwin inside that little frame? Remember, we're in the PI so cherry pickers and such aren't common. Well, it was about 2 months from when I shipped the boxes in Ohio before they arrived here on my doorstep. During that time visions of 2 guys lifting the engine through the frame with a chain hanging from a large bamboo over their shoulders were running through my head. But just before they arrived I came up with the solution. To fit in the box, the engine actually shipped on it's side. The box I was putting it in was double thick cardboard with an inch of styrofoam insulation in the bottom for padding and a piece of 1/4 inch plywood on that so nothing would punch through. I'd put the largest heavy milar trash bag I could find around the engine itself. Then these two big beefy mechanics at the dealership put it in the box on its side. I shoved some foam pads under the cylinders and then I filled the remaining air space with several (like 15) cans of Great Stuff foam insulation.

    But what a great blessing it was that it had to be on its side. Because now all we had to do was cut the box and foam away and then lower the frame onto the engine, bolt as many mounts on as we could, and then lift the frame/engine off onto the assembly stand. Perfect huh? Well, we don't have any stand, so we put it on top of two upside down plastic San Miguel beer cases covered with some of that inch thick styrofoam. In the Philippines, we make due with what we have. Hahahahahaha

  4. keepob

    Squando, how come u have not posted any picks of your bike?


  5. Squando

    Squando, how come u have not posted any picks of your bike? keepob
    Several reasons really. First is that it isn't totally together yet. The rear fender is off and the taillight is apart so I can do some lighting mods. Secondly, with the registration not completed I really didn't want anyone to know it was even here. It's still not registered to ride on the street but at least it's legally here now. And finally, because I want to find some picturesque Philippine backgrounds to take nice photos of it.

    But if you can picture a red Raider S with V&H 2-1 BR pipes, Corbin Solo with passenger pillion (black ostrich on top and black leather sides but no backrests yet), and integrated tail light with nothing below the taillight except the lighted chrome license plate bracket-240 rear tire-and chrome wheels, then you pretty much know what it looks like already.

  6. keepob

    Ok, Sound like your getting there, My bike is a work in progress also,I have not been to PI. lets see.....1982-1983, Had me some serious fun back then, San Miguel beer ,It'ts das beer, don't cry argentina!!! That was played alover back then in a song, brings back memories my man, take it easy out there and stay clear of the


  7. Squando

    I believe the bike is done. Well, at least until I get started with the next mods but they will just be boltons. Beefy horns, back rests, and engine guards. But for now, I can ride as long as I don't get caught using the plate off my other bike Hahahahahaha, like they'd catch that.

    And as for the engine graon. Well, aparently I misread the service manual that I should unscrew the fuel valves 1 turn, when in fact they should have several turns out until the wire clips stop them. I think the fuel pump was a bit startved or something. Rockin now.


  8. zaldjtok36

    I was hoping that is was something easy, and enexpensive, to repair.

  9. Squando

    Yeah, that's for sure. It's not like I can just go to the nearest Yamaha dealer and have them fix it. There are dealers here but anything larger than 150cc makes them go to that deer in the headllights look.


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