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  1. PolarisW

    What is the best engine/ crash bars, I have a 2010 950T and want to add a set soon. I'm looking for bolt on that don't require a lot of mods to fit the bike. I'm new to site hope to learn how to use search engine but couldn't find it right now. Any opions on ease of installlation and whats looks best would be welcomed.

  2. bevo844

    i think yamaha's OEM bars look best. installation requires unbolting your floorboards which isn't a big job.

  3. recumpendpop

    Yamaha is the best.

  4. obxfshr58

    I just put on floorboard highway pegs. Does anyone know if there any interefence with the OEM bars and the floorboard peg setup? I'm looking at putting the OEM bars on next.

  5. Kigsby84

    I love my Lindby Linbars. I like the shape and the built in foot rest!

  6. recumpendpop

    I don't think there will be any problem. The Yamaha crahs guard is in front of the floorboards and has a metal bar that goes back to the mounting bolts.

    Here's a photo of the Wife's 950T with the Yamaha crash bars.

  7. 1855rider

    I have Cobra on mine , I think they look great and they compliment my Bike

  8. lem23

    I got the yamaha bars, installed them in the parking lot with a couple tools i borrowed from their service center. Look good, fit perfect.

  9. wowgbmc

    Anyone know the part number for the OEM Bars?

  10. yhoower

    Here's the number 5S7-F43B0-V0-005S7-F43B0-V0-00.

    I have them on my 950 and think they work great.

  11. bry1609

    are they the oem bars around the saddle bags also?

  12. recumpendpop

    are they the oem bars around the saddle bags also?...

    Yes Yamaha rear saddle bag guards and Yamaha saddle bag trim rails.

    I think they look great.

  13. yhoower

    Here's the link to the Yamaha 950 accessories page:

  14. wowgbmc

    Any idea if they would fit around the Hardstreet bags?

  15. recumpendpop

    Any idea if they would fit around the Hardstreet bags?...

    I have no idea, I do know there is not much clearance between the rails and the saddlebags on the 950T.

  16. WLS460

    I secound that!

    Not much room on the rear but some space on the sides. I think they look great with the OEM Big Bar Engine Guards.

    You know, Chrome Chrome and more Chrome!

  17. EasyRider1

    Any idea if they would fit around the Hardstreet bags?...

    I also have the HardStreet Hard Saddle Bags and know the Yamaha chrome rails and guards won't work with them ....... unless you get the OEM Yamaha 950T saddle bag mounting brackets. Then you will probably have to drill holes in the HardStreets to match the mounting holes. Then you could install the chrome rails & guards. I bought used 950T mounting brackets but haven't yet had time to figure out how to make everything work.

  18. wowgbmc

    I have the hardstreet bags sitting in the garage waiting to be put on. The brackets have been on backorder for a month. do you know of other brackets that will work?

  19. PolarisW

    Thanks to everyone for the info it's been very helpfull. Will be doing these mods as soon as I get the funds.


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