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Emission Testing

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    First post from an other newbie. Found this site 2 days after I got my new 09 1300T. My last street bike was a 64 Sporster back in 77. Talk about old school. Love the bike and think this site is great.

    What I'm wondering about is emission testing on my bike. I live in Houston and a visit to the DPS website said they check the exhaust system. Not sure if that was just a visual check or if they do the tail pipe sniff. I was thinking about doing the air box drill, O2 Mod and the drill out on the muffler. I noticed what looks like a seal on both ends of the muffler. Not sure what I can do without getting hasseld come next year


  2. dos

    I would talk to a highway patrolman or even stop by an office and get them to explain what is meant by the check.

  3. unpitten

    First post from an other newbie. Found this site 2...

    It looks like they are pretty tough on the laws there.

  4. yajpirt246

    I don't believe that motorcycles are held to the sniff test here in TX. I've never seen it done. I think mostly due to the smaller size of the engine and thus the lesser the amount of emissions. You can also ask your local inspection center and they can tell you to what extent they check the exhaust. I would suggest a shop that primarily deals in bikes, they'd be the most familiar. My .02.

  5. TribleForg

    They ARE NOT. I just had mine inspected two weeks ago - no sniff. They make sure you HAVE an exhaust system...

  6. vito54

    First post from an other newbie. Found this site 2...

    Hold off / take your bike in when it's time and see for yourself what they do. Then mod based on your experience.


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